Equity Trust Reviews & Complaints: Scam or Reputable?

Equity Trust
Google: N/a
BBB: 3.55/5 A+
Trustpilot: 3.2/5

Equity Trust is a self-directed IRA company based in Westlake, Ohio. They specialize in providing custodial services for various tax-advantaged investment accounts. Equity Trust offers a range of investment options and services for individuals, businesses, and financial professionals. However, their fees may be higher compared to competitors. The company holds an average rating of 3.4/5 on Focus on the User.

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Featured Reviews

Top Review

Debra K
5 stars

"Equity Trust Company provides excellent, efficient and IRS compliant service and products..."

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Top Complaint

Carrie C
1 star

"It was a total letdown on EQC, it’s a disappointing experience l. It’s clear now that they’re not returning my funds in this challenging times, it’s crucial to invest..."

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What is Equity Trust?

Equity Trust Company, founded in 1974 and serving as a Self-Directed IRA Custodian since 1983, operates as an IRS-approved custodian. With over $34 billion in assets under custody, it manages more than 130,000 client accounts and collaborates with over 10,000 financial professionals. The company specializes in tax-advantaged investment accounts, enabling diverse investment opportunities in stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate, precious metals, and other alternative assets. It serves a broad clientele, including individual investors, businesses, and financial institutions. Equity Trust does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice but focuses on custodial and administrative duties for each investment account.

Equity Trust has evolved significantly since its inception. The predecessor business to Equity Trust was established in 1974, and the IRS approved it as a custodian in 1983. This marked the beginning of its journey as a custodian for self-directed IRAs, a role it has expanded over the years. Today, Equity Trust stands as a major player in the field, offering a wide range of services and investment options.

Equity Trust Ratings

Equity Trust Reputation

Focus on the User Review
Focus on the User
3.4/5 stars
760 reviews (Aggregated)
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
N/a stars
N/a reviews
BBB Reviews
3.55/5 stars A+
105 reviews
Trustpilot Reviews
3.2/5 stars
655 reviews

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Equity Trust Reviews

Top Equity Trust Reviews

5 starsFeatured

"Equity Trust Company provides excellent, efficient and IRS compliant service and products."

Trustpilot Reviews
Debra K
5 stars
5 starsFeatured

"Equity Trust provides the service and tools I need to manage my account. Deposits, bill paying make me so effective at running the properties I hold on my IRA."

Trustpilot Reviews
5 stars
5 starsFeatured

"The customer service agent I talked to answered my questions on fees very professionally and friendly."

BBB Review
Dean P
5 stars
Equity Trust Complaints

Worst Equity Trust Complaints

1 starFeatured

"It was a total letdown on EQC, it’s a disappointing experience l. It’s clear now that they’re not returning my funds in this challenging times, it’s crucial to invest wisely. I’ve since turned to “Easy be” for investing, and it’s been the only reliable source of yields I can depend on. Saw a review about them on here and it worked out."

Trustpilot Reviews
Carrie C
1 star
1 starFeatured

"I’ve had a disappointing experience with Equity trust, their platform is often glitchy, and customer service is less than helpful. It’s frustrating not to get the assistance you need when dealing with financial matters. I’ve had good things about Easy bee so I am considering giving them a try."

Trustpilot Reviews
C Schi
1 star
1 starFeatured

"Unhelpful, unfriendly, unprofessional!! Equity Trust Company, why are you so bad??? Cory, Sheila and others representatives switch to each other and Sheila likes to say ' Why did they transfer you to me' and switch to robotanswer... You could deal with their hotline for more than an hour and get very poor, unhelpful service! Dealing with Equity Trust Company is not nice at all! If you'd like to talk to a real person you could call as a NEW client and ask for a manager. Also, their web-online system does NOT work right and customer service says 'I do NOT know why it does NOT work' --"

BBB Review
Client G
1 star
1 starFeatured

"Opened an account with Equity Trust in late December with a zero balance. I planned on funding the account in January. I subsequently received a bill to pay for an account fee of $50 for opening it and a $320 annual maintenance fee. On Equity Trusts fee schedule, at least $15,000 is required in the account for the $320 maintenance fee to apply. It also lists a $1 minimum for the lowest annual fee of $225. I emailed the account representative that I worked with to open the account (Christian C.) stating that I was more than willing to pay the account opening fee, but needed an explanation for the account maintenance fee. He responded with 'you must pay the $320 fee' with no explanation. When I asked twice for an explanation due to the discrepancy versus the listed fee schedule, I received no response. I then asked to close the account and received a reply 7 minutes later from Christian confirming the account is closed. What a waste of my time. Now they will receive nothing from me."

BBB Review
Brandon S
1 star

Is Equity Trust a Scam?

Equity Trust is not a scam. It is an IRS-approved custodian with a substantial history in the financial sector. The company's legitimacy is further affirmed by its significant assets under custody and the positive rating on Focus on the User.

Equity Trust Pros and Cons


  • Reputable Custodian: IRS-approved and backed by top-ranked gold IRA firms.
  • Diverse Investment Options: Offers investments in stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate, and other assets.


  • Higher Fees: Fees may be comparatively higher than those of competitors.

Equity Trust Services and Products

Equity Trust offers a variety of services and products, including:

  • Self-Directed Accounts: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, CESA, HSA, Solo 401(k), Roth Solo 401(k), SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA.
  • Investment Types: Real Estate, Private Lending, Private Equity, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency IRA, Precious Metals, Mutual Funds & Stocks.

Equity Trust FAQ

Is Equity Trust a reputable company?

Yes, Equity Trust is a reputable company, IRS-approved and recognized in the financial industry.

How long has Equity Trust been in business?

Equity Trust was founded in 1974 and has been a self-directed IRA custodian since 1983.

How does Equity Trust work?

Equity Trust works as a custodian for various self-directed IRAs, handling administrative and custodial duties for a range of investment accounts.

Before Investing With Equity Trust

Consider obtaining to make informed investments in precious metals.

Equity Trust Homepage

Contact Equity Trust

This company's customer service contact details and social media accounts are listed below in this section.

  • Phone: 855-233-4382
  • Address: 1 Equity Way, Westlake, OH 44145
  • Founded: 1974
  • Alternate Name: Trustetc.com
  • Category: Self-Directed IRA Company
Equity Trust Address

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