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Wide variety of companies compared: There are many bullion sellers on the market but at Focus on the User, we compare the top dealers and their prices.

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Investing in precious metals offers great opportunity to diversify your portfolio. Think of diversifying your portfolio like putting your eggs in more than one basket.

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Latest Precious Metal Analysis Publications

Gold or Silver

Gold Vs Silver: Which Metal to Invest In?

We all know both of these precious metals, in this analysis we go over gold vs silver as investing options as metals like bullion and coins.

Will Gold Rise or Fall

Will Gold Go Up In 2020?

During this year, will gold go up in price for investors? We uncover possible market situations to consider when buying gold and other precious metals.

Which Is the Best Choice?

The Best Precious Metal to Invest In: Which Is the Best Choice?

In this article, we rate precious metals to determine what the best metal to invest in is this year. Considering this year, each metal has their own benefits.

Why Silver Coins Can Save Your Butt in 2020

Why Silver Coins Can Save Your Butt in 2020

In our analysis on whether will silver go up in price for this year. Thsi precious metal is a popular topic this year for investors.

Proof vs. Uncirculated Coins: Comparison Analysis

In this analysis article on precious metal coins comparing proof coins vs. uncirculated coins. These gold/silver coins have many benefits when purchasing.

Gold vs. Bitcoin: Which is Best for 2020?

In this analysis article for precious metals and crypto currencies comparing Bitcoin vs. gold, updated for this year considering recent price changes on the market.

Which Country Has the Most Gold?

In this researchpiece, we go over who has the most gold reserves on Earth. We compare the bullion numbers.

Best 4 Types of Silver You Need to Buy This Year

There are many variations of silver to purchase, we uncover what type of silver to buy when investing in silver and other precious metals.

Gold vs. Stock Market: Investment Comparison

Many invest in stocks or precious metals, in our analysis we compare gold vs. stocks featuring their benefits and downsides.

Proof Coins: Why They Are Worth Your Investment

If you have considered proof coins as an investment option, you may have asked, are gold proof coins a good investment? We uncover the benefits of these coins, but some things you really should consider before buying.

Physical Gold vs. Gold Stocks - Which is Best?

Inflation is rising, countries are going bankrupt, and preparing for a market crash is becoming normal. We compare gold vs. gold stocks in our analysis article.

Gold IRA Rollover: Diversify Your Portfolio With Gold

If you are thinking about investing in stocks or any form of security, you are probably looking to see your money appreciate over time. Our resource on gold IRA rollovers (including 401(k)s) to help you protect your retirement. Anyone can benefit from the long-term benefits of precious metals as an investment.