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Advanta IRA
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Advanta IRA is a self-directed IRA company located in Largo, Florida. They specialize in self-directed account administration, managing over $2.5 billion in client assets with over twenty years of experience. The company offers a range of retirement account services, including investments in real estate, private equity, and cryptocurrencies. Clients benefit from checkbook control and a strong educational program. Advanta IRA has received a rating of 3/5 by Focus on the User.

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What is Advanta IRA?

Advanta IRA, established in 2003, is a private company that has developed a financial platform for self-directed IRAs. They focus on offering a variety of investment opportunities, including real estate (residential, commercial, rental properties), mortgage loans, tax liens, and more. Advanta IRA was founded by Jack Callahan and Doug Davenport, initially providing a range of services like tax, legal, financial, and accounting services before focusing solely on self-directed IRAs. The company manages assets exceeding $2.5 billion and employs 35 people. Their unique approach combines certified financial planners, legal experts, and a robust educational program to support clients in retirement planning.

Advanta IRA is distinct in its structure, operating as a collection of self-directed IRA administrators under one entity. They aim to offer superior customer support and flexible investment options for effective long-term financial planning. The company ensures IRS compliance on behalf of its clients and focuses on helping investors find the best investments for their retirement portfolios.

Advanta IRA Ratings

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Is Advanta IRA a Scam?

Advanta IRA is not a scam. The company is a recognized leader in self-directed IRA services, managing over $2.5 billion in client assets. Their established history since 2003 and compliance with IRS regulations, as well as the 3/5 rating by Focus on the User, affirm their legitimacy.

Advanta IRA Pros and Cons


  • Dedicated Account Manager: Each customer receives personal attention from an experienced manager.
  • Expert Staff: The company employs certified financial planners, lawyers, and offers client education through free weekly seminars and networking events.


  • Fee Structure: Advanta IRA does not have a flat fee structure; they only offer a sliding scale.

Advanta IRA Services and Products

Advanta IRA offers a variety of services and products, including:

  • Self-Directed IRAs: These plans allow clients to invest in alternative assets like real estate, private equity, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Real Estate IRAs: Offering diverse investment options including commercial and residential property, raw land, and tax liens and deeds.
  • Tax-Advantaged Plans: Clients can control their investments with plans including Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE IRAs, health savings accounts, and education savings accounts.
  • 401(k) Plans: Including Solo 401(k)s, providing retirement saving solutions for individuals and small business owners.

Advanta IRA FAQ

Is Advanta IRA a reputable company?

Yes, with over two decades of experience and significant assets under management, Advanta IRA is considered reputable.

How long has Advanta IRA been in business?

Since 2003.

Who is the owner of Advanta IRA?

The company was founded by Jack Callahan and Doug Davenport.

How does Advanta IRA work?

Advanta IRA allows clients to self-direct their IRAs into various investment options, providing expert support and education throughout the process.

Before Investing With Advanta IRA

Consider obtaining the . This guide can assist in making informed decisions about investing in precious metals through IRAs.

Advanta IRA Homepage

Contact Advanta IRA

  • Phone: 800-425-0653
  • Email:
  • Address: 13191 Starkey Road, Suite 2, Largo, FL 33773
  • Founded: 2003
  • Alternate Name:
  • Category: Self-Directed IRA Company
Advanta IRA Address

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