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SchiffGold is a distinguished precious metals dealer, specializing in the sale of gold and silver for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth. Founded by renowned economist Peter Schiff, the company prides itself on its commitment to offering personalized customer service, competitive pricing, and expert guidance in the world of precious metals investing. SchiffGold's mission is to help investors navigate the complex landscape of the gold and silver markets, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions.

With a team of experienced professionals, SchiffGold places a strong emphasis on integrity and transparency, ensuring that clients receive unbiased, timely advice tailored to their individual needs. The company's comprehensive range of products includes gold and silver bars, coins, and other investment-grade metals, all sourced from reputable mints and refineries. SchiffGold's dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with its focus on education, makes it a reliable choice for investors looking to safeguard their assets in an ever-changing economic environment.

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  • Peter Schiff
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    • Address: Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
    • Phone: (800) 294-8732
    • Hours:
      • Saturday - 8AM–9PM
      • Sunday - 8AM–9PM
      • Monday - 8AM–9PM
      • Tuesday - 8AM–9PM
      • Wednesday - 8AM–9PM
      • Thursday - 8AM–9PM
      • Friday - 8AM–9PM
    Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

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    • Trustpilot: None
    • Google Reviews: 4.2 stars, 10 reviews
    • BBB: None
    Top Reviews

    "Very quick and responsive service, I received the gold I purchased very quickly and safely and couldn't be any happier with the result. The person that helped me was William Xiong and he was great to be in contact with to answer all my questions, which were quite a lot being a first time gold buyer. Absolutely a great place if you want to buy gold and Peter Schiff is a legend as well!"

    - Tom Tom

    5 stars

    "SchiffGold is Peter Schiff’s precious metals company. I talked with a precious metals expert who graciously answered all of my questions, and advised me on which products would best suit me. They also offer some of the cheapest prices for precious metals. Once I placed my order and they received my payment, I had my silver within 10 days. I highly recommend SchiffGold to all my friends and family who are interested in buying silver and gold."

    - Emily McPhail

    5 stars

    "Phenomal service, my rep at Schiff gold is also fantastic. On top of that, the Peter Schiff podcast is a superb educational resource for the best quality business, finance, and political information"

    - Michael Lieberman

    5 stars

    Worst Reviews & Complaints

    "Purchased and was charged for 1000oz bar of silver that turned out to be 13oz light. was told that this was a very common issue and that the bars are very unreliable when it comes to weight by both Peter’s sales agent and the valet in Las Vegas. So if we all know this then why not weigh the bar before we sell it? Because they sure weighed the bar before I sold it back to them after a quick price increase, very schiffty...."

    - Troy Rivers

    1 star

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