Bulk Gold & Silver at Wholesale Prices: Invest With Bulk Metals

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Investing in bulk precious metals such as gold and silver offers investors a way to add metals to their portfolio at cheaper prices. Lower costs per ounce when buying bulk allows for a more economical choice for investors. To buy in bulk, investors typically deal with large dealers or mints and purchase bars or coins in higher volumes.

Benefits of Buying Gold in Bulk Quantities

Whether you have already invested in gold or silver, or are just looking at how to start, you have probably seen how expensive it can be, and how much the fees are for vendors. We cover the best gold dealers to make a bulk purchase in high-grade gold and why you should consider wholesale gold bullion instead of just a few coins at a time.

Considering Choosing Wholesale Precious Metals

It may seem intimidating to purchase gold or silver bullion in bulk because it requires a good amount of money to do so, but when you buy physical gold or silver in bulk, it actually saves you money compared to buying each coin or bar separately.

Purchasing precious metals in bulk allows you to enjoy the benefit of wholesale gold prices. When you buy from large distributors, you can purchase your gold at a low spot price and maximize your buying power. This means you will be able to get the most profit from your purchase by buying at low prices with the potential to sell for much higher when you are ready to sell your gold.

What is the Minimum Purchase to Benefit From Wholesale Prices?

These companies often offer a few different tiers of discounts based on how much gold or silver you are looking to purchase, but the discounts can start at quantities as low as 10 to 20 coins.

While you are able to enjoy a low gold spot price when you purchase most bullion in bulk, it is also depends on the type of gold bullion products you are purchasing. These precious metals can be coins, bars, or rounds.

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Are Precious Metal Coins or Bars More Expensive?

Each different product will have a different price value based on the amount of labor that takes to produce the products. For example, coins are generally more expensive than bars because they take more labor to pour individually and package than a simple, larger bar does. Consider both coins and bars and their benefits in detail before jumping into either type of bullion.

Deciding What Bullion Metals to Buy in Large Quantities

When you are looking to purchase bulk bullion, the first thing you have to decide is what form you want to purchase these precious metals in. Gold and silver come in many forms including bullion coins of different styles, and bars of different sizes.

Bullion Options

Consider Metal Coins in Large Amounts

If you are purchasing them as a part of a collectors item, there are many wholesale gold coins that would most likely fit your needs such as the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf. These are common collectors items such as proof coins that people will use to diversify their portfolio because they can be purchased with little added premiums over the current price of gold or silver.

What is the Best Type of Metal to Invest in For the Most Value?

If you are not interested in the value that collectors items offer some investors and you just want the plain precious metals as part of a plan to diversify your portfolio, then you might be more interested in purchasing gold in larger quantities. Gold is seen as the best precious metal for larger investment choices either in your portfolio or an IRA.

What Gold Bars Should I Buy?

When you are trying to decide what size gold bar to buy, you need to first think about how long you want to hold on to the precious metals for, and what your purpose is for purchasing it. Consider top gold bars such as PAMP Suisse, Johnson Matthey, Argor-Heraeus, and mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint.

However, if you are purchasing it as part of your portfolio and you would like the option to resell it later when the price has risen, then it would be wise to purchase it in smaller precious metal bars that are more likely to be sold easily.

Vendors to Purchase Wholesale Gold & Silver Bullion

Wholesale Gold Bullion Dealers

Choosing Personal Bullion Storage

If you want to purchase bullion at wholesale quantities in order to diversify your portfolio and have the tangible metals in your possession, hopefully in a secure safety deposit box for proper gold storage, all of your options are purchasing this bulk metal from gold bullion dealers.

It is very important to find a reputable company who will sell you an authentic product with low premiums on top of the price of the silver/gold you are buying. Once you have found a reputable seller, there are different options you have in purchasing bulk gold.

List of Ways to Purchase Bulk Gold & Silver Bullion

  1. IRA/401(k) retirement rollovers
  2. Physical large precious metal bars such as gold kilo bars
  3. Physical precious metal coins such as 1oz ounce gold regular coins & proof coins

Purchasing Directly From a Mint in Bulk Quantities

One option you have when you are purchasing a large quantity of precious metals is to purchase it directly from a mint. The downside of this option is that most mints do not allow individuals directly from them without being an authorized purchaser, which means it is an option only for those authorized purchasers.

An authorized purchaser can only be approved if their company meets very specific professional and financial criteria, which means that most investors won’t be able to buy directly from a mint. This means that when you are researching companies to purchase bulk gold from, you should try to find a company who is an authorized purchaser and can buy directly from a mint.

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Monster Box Coin Packages For Bulk Bullion

Another option you have when you are purchasing larger quantities of bullion is to purchase a “Monster Box.” A Monster Box is a package of 500 coins that are packaged in tubes of 20 or 25 coins. Either the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are usually sold in these Monster Boxes because they are more popular collectors items with lower premiums. These coins are sealed directly from the mint which ensure they will maintain their quality and are the real products.

Choosing a Precious Metals IRA to Purchase Bulk

A final option you have when you are purchasing bulk gold bullion is to purchase it as part of a precious metals IRA, or individual retirement account. This is a good option for people who want to purchase their gold or silver and be able to buy more, trade, or sell their gold or silver without tax liabilities.

In addition, when you rollover gold as part of an IRA, it reduces the chances of your precious metals being stolen from your home because they are stored by the company you open your account with.

Find Out How to Invest Gold in Your IRA

Take Advantage of Bulk Precious Metals Today

This means that it offers you the benefits of diversifying your portfolio with precious metals, while giving you the extra protection of not having them in your home where they can be easily stolen and all your money taken.

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