4 Types of Silver Every Investor Must Have

Types of Silver to Invest In

Before you take that step in investing in silver. You should take a moment and consider the different types of silver you can choose from. Each has their own benefits and set backs but knowing which is best can help you make that choice. So, what type of silver should you buy? Have a look at our top 4 types below to find out!


1. The Secret Behind 1 Oz Silver Coins

These coins are common, highly recognizable, composed of .999 fine or better silver, and are not prone to high premiums like rare uncirculated early US silver coins.

These coins are accepted world-wide as silver bullion, and you can be sure you will have no problems conducting trade in these coins if the need arose. Coins minted by governments like the American silver eagles and Canadian maple leaf coins are also legal tender, at $1 USD and $5 CAD respectively.

Highly Quality Fine Silver

Fine silver is reserved for bullion investment products; The most common forms of silver bullion are silver bullion ingots, or bars, and silver bullion coins. Unlike silver bullion bars, which can be minted anywhere in any quantity, silver bullion coins and collectibles are specific to each particular mint and issued in limited quantity, adding significantly to their value over time.

2. Pre-1964 US 90% “Junk” Silver Coins (They Aren’t Junk!)

Junk silver is an informal term for any silver coin in fair condition which has no numismatic or collectible value above the bullion value of the silver it contains.

Junk silver can usually be found with little to no premium, and have the added upside potential that some years or mintages are or will become rare and more valuable than their silver content alone.

3. .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bars

Solid bullion silver bars of .999 fine purity are a great way to buy silver. However, I do not suggest buying 100 oz silver bars unless you already hold at least a thousand ounces of silver, so that you do not have more than 10% of your entire stack in any one single piece of physical silver.

The market for resale and trade for such a large bar of silver will be severely limited compared to one-ounce coins or ten-ounce bars, and you do not want to be stuck trying to buy a loaf of bread or bag of rice for your family when all you hold is a 100 ounce bar of silver.

Don't Get Lost at Sea

Why Choose Bars?

Due to the fact that any private mint can produce silver bars, they typically carry lesser premiums over spot than silver coins, which can only be produced by government mints.

Larger bars, such as 10 oz or 100 oz sizes, carry less of a manufacturing premium over spot than smaller bars or rounds, so they are often the cheapest way to purchase .999 fine physical silver.

4. 1 Oz Silver Rounds

If you are stretching your silver investment dollar as far as you can, you can squeeze some extra value by purchasing “generic” 1 oz rounds. You want to purchase .999 silver 1 oz Silver Rounds that are clearly marked for weight and purity and come from well-known mints.

Private Companies Behind These Rounds

Non-government mints issue silver bullion rounds. Private companies like the Sunshine Minting Company, the Highland Mint, and the Northwest Territory Mint all issue investment-grade silver bullion rounds.

What to Do Next

Now that you know of the best types of silver, are you looking to make a serious investment in silver? We recommend you take a peak at our top 3 dealers to help you find the best deals.

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