Paris Mint, Monnaie de Paris

Paris Mint, Monnaie de Paris

The Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) or, administratively speaking, the "Direction of Coins and Medals," is an agency of the French authorities charged with issuing coins in addition to making medals and other similar things. Many early coins are housed in the Monnaie de Paris. It is tasked with the production of circulation coins, medals, official decorations, and collector coins, as well as other smaller items. The mint also makes bronze sculptures.

The Paris Mint's History

Paris Mint's History

Monnaie de Paris has worked with precious metals for more than 1,150 years, dating back to its founding in 864. Despite the fact that, since 1878, only the Paris mint has been authorized to create circulating coins, various towns and cities have been minting their own coinage since the 9th century. In addition to Avignon, Bordeaux and Caen, some of the places having historical ties to the Monnaie de Paris are La Rochelle and Metz. Other towns with historical ties to the Monnaie de Paris include Montpellier and Nantes. Paris has historical ties to Pau and Pessac.

It's the earliest association that is French. From numerous commemorative coins, and the franc to the euro, Monnaie de Paris stays closely entwined with the history of its own coinage and France.

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