Central Mint of China: History, Mints, Bullion Coins and Bars

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Mint of China

The Central Mint of China, established in Shanghai in 1920, has been instrumental in the modernization of China's monetary system. Initially focusing on silver coins, the mint adapted to wartime needs by shifting to base metals like copper and nickel. Post-1949, as part of the People's Republic of China, it introduced the Renminbi, incorporating advanced security features.

The mint employs cutting-edge technologies for the production of currency and bullion products. It follows strict quality standards, ensuring high-volume production without compromising on security or quality. Renowned for its bullion coins and bars, the mint's products, like the Gold and Silver Panda coins, are celebrated for their purity and design, appealing to collectors and investors worldwide.

History of the Central Mint of China

Founded in Shanghai in 1920, the Central Mint of China played a key role in the modernization of China's currency. Initially, it produced the "Yuan Shikai Silver Dollar," a silver coin with a unique design and specific dimensions. The wartime era forced the mint to relocate and shift to more readily available metals, impacting the types of coins produced.

After 1949, the mint became an integral part of the People's Republic of China's monetary system. A major development was the introduction of the Renminbi in 1955, featuring enhanced security elements like watermarks and serial numbers, showcasing the mint's technological advancements.

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Central Mint of China Headquarters

Central Mint of China Coins

Gold Chinese Panda Coin

Chinese Gold Panda Coins

Since their introduction in 1982, Chinese Gold Panda Coins have captivated collectors with their annual design changes and variety of sizes. Made of 99.9% pure gold, these coins are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, each with a corresponding face value, reflecting their collectibility and investment appeal.

Silver Chinese Panda Coin

Chinese Silver Panda Coins

The Chinese Silver Panda Coins, launched a year after the gold version, follow a similar pattern of annual design changes. Available in three sizes, these coins are composed of 99.9% silver, combining collectibility with investment value.

Silver Chinese Lunar Coin

Lunar Series Coins

The Lunar Series Coins, introduced in 1981, represent the Chinese Zodiac animals for each year. Available in both gold and silver, these coins vary in weight and size, offering a diverse range for collectors and investors.

Commemorative Coins

The Central Mint of China also produces coins to commemorate national events and figures. These coins, like the 2019 "Great Wall" silver coin, are crafted with precision, showcasing the mint's ability to blend artistic design with coinage.

Central Mint of China Bars

Gold and Silver Bars

The mint's bullion bars, in gold and silver, are recognized for their 99.9% purity. These bars, ranging in size, are marked with a serial number and the mint's logo, ensuring their authenticity and appeal to investors.

Commemorative Bars

Similar to the commemorative coins, these bars are issued for special occasions. For instance, the "Year of the Pig" gold bar released in 2019 is a prime example of the mint's dedication to quality and design.

Well Known Global Mints

The United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, Royal British Mint, Perth Mint, Paris Mint, Royal Mint of Spain, Singapore Mint, and Mexican Mint are among the most renowned mints globally. Each of these well known global mints has a unique history and specializes in producing a variety of coins and bars, recognized for their purity and design.

United States Mint bullion

United States Mint

Established in 1792, the United States Mint is famous for the American Eagle series. The Gold Eagle coins boast a purity of 91.67%, while the Silver Eagles have a purity of 99.93%.

Royal Canadian Mint bullion

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint, founded in 1908, is known for its Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf coins. These coins are highly pure, with the gold variant being 99.99% pure and the silver one 99.99%.

Austrian Mint bullion

Austrian Mint

With origins dating back to 1194, the Austrian Mint is celebrated for the Gold Philharmonic coin, which is notable for its 99.99% gold purity.

British Royal Mint bullion

Royal British Mint

One of the oldest mints, the Royal British Mint produces the Gold Sovereign and Silver Britannia coins, with purities of 91.67% gold and 99.9% silver respectively.

Perth Mint bullion

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint, established in 1899 in Australia, is renowned for its Gold Kangaroo and Silver Kookaburra coins, both known for their high purity levels of 99.99% for gold and 99.9% for silver.

Paris Mint bullion

Paris Mint (Monnaie de Paris)

Founded in 864, the Paris Mint produces a range of coins, including the “Marianne” series, featuring varying purities and sizes.

Royal Spanish Mint bullion

Royal Mint of Spain

With a history that traces back to the Roman Empire, the Royal Mint of Spain offers a diverse range of bullion and collectible coins, such as the “Ibero-American Series.”

Singapore Mint bullion

Singapore Mint

Established in 1968, the Singapore Mint is known for its innovative designs, as seen in the “Lunar Series,” which features various purities and sizes.

Mexican Mint bullion

Mexican Mint

Founded in 1535, the Mexican Mint is famous for the Silver Libertad coin, which boasts a purity of 99.9% silver.

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