Austrian Mint

With more than 800 years of coin-production experience, the Austrian Mint in Vienna has become world-famous for precious metals and coin creation.

As a subsidiary company of the Austrian Central Bank, the leading job of the Austrian Mint will be to make all the circulating euro coinage for Austria. However, the mint also hits at an impressive variety along with making a number of the planet 's best selling bullion coins.

One of the Austrian Mint's popular products are ducat coins and the Gold corona, the Silver Maria Theresa Thaler, and the Gold and Silver Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins. Annually more than 400 million coins are made in the Austrian Mint.

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History of the Austrian Mint

austrian-mintOne of the most globally recognised coins of the Austrian Mint is the Maria Theresa Taler. The year Empress Maria Theresa expired, the Maria Theresa Taler isn't only the popular silver coin on the planet, now but in addition boasts the biggest amount minted. Such international successes have made the Mint something of an ambassador for Austria, another prime example being the world renowned Vienna Philharmonic coin that was gold. One of typically the most popular gold bullion coins world-wide, it's played an essential part in the creation of the Austrian Mint into an extremely successful business.

The Austrian Mint is a global player in the work of supplying means of payment now. Its attractively crafted coins minted in the very center of Vienna are highly sought after by collectors and investors all around the world, together with by those merely buying appropriate and worthy present for a loved one.

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