Top 6 Gold IRA Companies: Precious Metal Company Ratings

Top 6 Rated Gold IRA Companies

Gold is a precious metal that has been in use since ancient years and has a lot of worth. Despite difficult times and market crashes, gold has retained its value over the years.

Gold is known to bring diversity to the portfolio and is a hedge against inflation. It is a non-traditional and alternative asset for stocks, funds, bonds, etc. Many choose gold investment through IRAs to build a strong and solidified retirement portfolio.

And due to the stable growth gold has to offer, many investors are turning towards gold IRAs. This offers them portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation and stock market crisis as gold price moves in the contrasting way of assets made from paper.

A traditional gold account is super seamless to create. However, a few steps are required for a gold IRA. As with a gold IRA, there is a need for a reliable custodian who will take care of your gold and keep it somewhere safe and manage it. Hence, to ensure that your gold is in safe hands, you must open your gold IRA account with a reliable company. Our gold IRA rollovers guide will cover everything you need to know before you rollover your retirement account.

Best Rated Gold IRA Companies

Regal Assets

Regal Assets

When you opt for a gold IRA, you might not want to make a new account but rather roll over your existing account to a gold IRA. Regal Assets is one of the best gold IRA companies dealing with IRA rollovers.

Since its starting in 2009, Regal Assets has reigned as one of the leading gold IRA companies and one to deal with IRA rollovers comprehensively. Their prices are also competitive, making them an appealing choice.

Regal Assets have a AAA rating from BCA, and you can find many positive reviews of their gold IRA services on various sites such as BirdEye.

The pricing and fee are also transparent so that you know where you invest your money. Annually, the fee is charged for storage and service. You might be subject to minimum investment too. Apart from that, there are no other hidden fees. The rollovers are not charged any extra fee and are done with expertise.

Regal Assets can provide means to know more about the IRA, and they also have advisors that help customers through the entire application process.

Moreover, you won't be at risk of sudden IRS penalties as their products are IRS-approved. They do not offer products such as collector coins. Hence, you won't be subject to unnecessary taxes due to their holding. They offer a wide variety of gold coins and bullion bars and various other precious metals such as silver, palladium and platinum.


Regal Assets have a lot of five-star reviews, and they are a decade-old business; hence, they are extremely reliable and have a huge variety of assets to choose from for your gold IRA. Additionally, they ensure that rollovers are a smooth process.

They also have a low minimum investment requirement; when you sell back, you will not be subject to any additional cost.



GoldCo is one of the leaders in the industry for precious metals. The company started in 2006 and has prestige for providing customers with the best gold IRA account solutions. They provide individuals looking to diversify and grow their portfolios safely with the best precious metals IRAs. Goldco has a rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot with over 700 reviews.

GoldCo has reputable reviews online, and customers' more than a thousand five-star ratings speak for themselves. Moreover, GoldCo has also received several recognition awards.

GoldCo wants to make it easier for investors to benefit from owning precious metals such as gold and silver. According to them, precious metals ownership is integral to retirement savings and is a wise investment strategy.

Through GoldCo, you can easily open a precious metals IRA, and a company agent will guide you through the process. Hence, if you have any problems, the agent will be there to help you out with every single step. GoldCo also has a variety of e-books and videos for you to take help from. Next, you can roll over your existing accounts without tax penalties or choose to open a new one entirely. Once this is done, you can choose the precious metals you want to invest in.

A few coins that GoldCo offers which are eligible for a gold IRA are Gold American Eagle Type 1 and Type 2, Gold American Eagle Proof. Others include Gold Liberty Coin, Gold Australian Striped Marlin, Gold Valor, American Gold Buffalo, Gold Maple Leaf and many more.


A huge variety of coins can be invested in the IRA. Moreover, GoldCo offers extensive knowledge and customer support to help its customers make informed decisions. If you choose to make a new account, you will get 10% back as free silver coins.

Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group is a gold IRA company that has an excellent record of the best customer service. And they provide customers with the best experience of opening a gold IRA and getting maximum benefits. Patriot Gold Group has a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot with over 30 reviews.

Patriot Gold is known to help individuals secure their nest eggs through gold IRAs. They also help out with investment decisions. Patriot Gold Group, a family-owned company, based in LA, California, has always kept customer satisfaction their sole priority.

They have received many positive customer reviews, high ratings from Consumer Affairs, and an AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance.They are a reputable metals dealer, and the customer reviews speak for themselves.

One unique point about Patriot Gold Group is that they are a dealer-direct company. Hence, customers avoid paying a fee normally charged for purchases of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum with pricing according to the investor-direct mechanism.

Patriot Gold Group also offers competitive pricing, and for further information regarding their fee, minimum account cost etc., you can contact them through their website.

The account setup is also not very difficult as you can seamlessly open it either through the process online on their website or by simply ringing a call. The gold IRA account will provide you with tax advantages and let you invest in silver and gold. The company will also deal with the managing and storage of your precious metal. Through the updated pricing stated on their website, you can form your investment strategy too to increase the gold returns.

Moreover, you can consult the account managers for better opinions regarding your financial objectives.


One of the major advantages of opening a gold IRA with Patriot Gold Group is that they provide investor-direct pricing. You also get guidelines from investors to help you make decisions regarding your retirement investment for free.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the most trusted companies regarding gold IRAs. They also have quite a few best reviews and excellent ratings.

They are a family-owned company that provides gold and silver IRAs. They have been a part of the precious metal industry for 50 years now and ensure gold investors a comfortable retirement.

Moreover, Augusta Precious Metals lets you know more about a gold IRA and how you can get maximum benefits from it. They offer their customers diversification for their portfolio so that you can build your retirement account such that your nest egg grows spectacularly.

Augusta Precious Metals has been announced as the most trusted gold IRA company by IRA gold advisors, too and has an A+ rating by BBB and AAA from BCA.

Augusta Precious Metals has deep knowledge about gold IRAs, and through this knowledge, they aim to help you too. So that in your retirement, you have physical gold and silver assets to benefit from.

Opening your self-directed account is a simple process where you need to fill out a form, and once done, you can fund it either by creating a new one or rolling over an existing account. Next, you can buy IRA metals and have them stored in some safety facility or any safety deposit box under the supervision of some custodian.

The opening, managing, custodian fee, annual fee structure, and depository storage fee are all much less and not too overburdened. Moreover, free and secure shipping is also provided to ship your purchased precious metal to the storage facility and is usually delivered within a week or 10 days.

Once you have created your gold IRA account through Augusta Precious Metals, you will be assigned a personal agent who will help you start your account.


Some advantages of Augusta Precious Metals are that they offer an economical cost structure, and all the costs are visible and transparent so that you know what exactly you are paying for. Moreover, the shipping is free too. Moreover, the company will provide you with a money-back promise if you buy premium coins for the first time.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold

Noble gold is among the best gold IRA companies, and you can now safeguard your future through their gold IRA.

Noble gold started in 2016 and is a newer company for gold IRA; nonetheless, they are among the bests.

Despite being new, they have a skilled experience of more than 20 years of dealing in precious metals and their transactions. Their expertise provides customers with the best security.

They have outstanding customer reviews and ratings and gained a 5-star rating by Consumer Affairs and a A+ rating by BBB.

Noble gold does not just provide clients with an easy way to invest in precious metals but also friendliness and honesty. Moreover, the company will guide you in understanding the best investment decision to increase your investment value. Noble Gold offers a lot of comprehensive knowledge to customers. And they try to understand their customers' preferences, objectives and needs. Afterwards, they assign trustworthy advisors keen to help you out.

Noble Gold has a super easy process to open a gold IRA. However, through some part of the process, you will require the need of a representative. And they have a very low minimum investment requirement.

Their fees are also not high and competitive with other companies. There is no setup fee. However, there is an annual service and storage fee, respectively. They also provide a buy-back service, so you don't have to worry about your money going down the drain.

They use International Depository Services for storage purposes, and they will store your physical gold in extremely safe facilities.

A few IRS-approved gold coins you can invest in for your Noble Gold IRA are American Gold Eagle Coins, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins etc.


Noble Gold has a lot of beneficial educational resources to help you gain information regarding gold IRAs. There are many different ways you can learn, and there are advisors with whom you can communicate.Additionally, they facilitate low minimum investment.

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold started in 2014, and they are out of the best gold IRA companies because they provide stellar customer support, have a low minimum investment requirement and have many resources that potential customers can learn.

They also have garnered amazing customer reviews on Trustpilot with a score of 4.9 and over 1200 reviews. No complaint has been filed in the last 3 years.

The entire team of Advantage Gold is highly skilled and has the proper experience to cater to gold investors. While Advantage Gold facilitates all types of gold investors, they specifically are a great choice for those who are investing in gold IRAs for the first time. So as a new investor, you will have multiple means provided by Advantage Gold to understand what precious metals are and how you can best invest them to your advantage.

Opening a gold IRA account with Advantage Gold is an easy process. The custodian for Advantage Gold is STRATA Company, and Brink's Global Services and Delaware Depository are responsible for storing the physical assets. Hence, these reputable companies ensure that with Advantage Gold, your investment is safe.

Furthermore, the fees and account minimums are not very overwhelming and thus, attract new customers. You can also repurchase at the current market rate, which is normally greater than the spot price of gold that other companies offer.


Advantage Gold provides many best options for a gold IRA for those who do not have much prior experience. And they have a lot of resources to inform yourselves about the technicalities of a gold IRA. The annual fee is also low and not a burden on the pockets.


What is meant by a gold IRA?

Gold IRA is an individual retirement account through which individuals can have gold as a retirement investment. You can have physical metals such as gold bullion or coins and other assets in your portfolio through gold IRAs. You are not just limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and paper assets. Rather you can have precious metals too. A gold IRA's contribution and distribution limits are the same as a regular IRA account.

These gold IRAs are also tax-advantaged. Gold IRAs might have slightly higher fees as the physical gold is managed and stored by a physical custodian.

What is a gold IRA company?

A gold IRA company is a firm that helps investors in setting up an individual retirement account and aids the customer in purchasing gold coins or gold bullion bars according to their preference and in the best way possible. Many of these gold IRA companies also partner with custodians and storage companies to manage your gold IRA efficiently.

Is a gold IRA a good idea?

Gold has been known to be a great inflation hedge for many years, and through a gold IRA, you can conveniently and safely invest in gold.

Gold IRA is a great idea because it offers great diversity and you're not just restricted to paper assets. Moreover, it will give you more certainty in terms of economic conditions. Hence, a gold IRA can be a good idea to boost your retirement nest egg.

Wrapping Up

As an investor, you need to aim for fruitful investments to benefit once you retire. Your long-term investment decisions should be solid enough for you not to worry about your income when you retire. You need to consider these tips to avoid gold IRA scams before you invest your money.

A gold IRA acts as an inflation hedge and remains stable through a market crisis. However, it is important to choose a reliable company that can provide you with a dependable gold IRA from which you can benefit from.

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