Is Investing In a Physical Gold IRA Better Than a Gold Stock Fund?

Is Investing In a Physical Gold IRA Better Than a Gold Stock Fund?

If you are thinking of investing in gold, congratulations. Seriously. You show some independent thinking level by thinking about investing in gold EFTs or a physical gold IRA.

It is very easy to get caught up in the buzz of the current bubble-driven equity market and invest most of your assets in skyrocketing social media, eCommerce, or tech stocks.

Unfortunately, as the P/E ratio of the larger equity market continues to get more and more out of whack, the inevitability of a nasty market crash becomes more and more certain. By investing in a physical IRA or gold mining stocks, you're protecting yourself from a potential stock bubble crash.

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The Benefits of Investing in Gold

Whether you invest in a physical gold or moving gold to your IRA, the great news is that you are investing in one of the most recognized and most-valued and respected measures of value in the world's history.

All cultures recognize the value of gold. Gold is in tremendous demand the world over as jewelry and as an industrial component. Not only do many people store their assets in the form of physical gold IRA packages, EFTs, stocks, or mutual funds, gold also has uses other than an investment vehicle or measure of value.

Simply put, gold is not going anywhere anytime soon regardless of its temporary value fluctuations compared to bubble-susceptible assets like stocks and bonds.

Physical Gold IRA Plans' Unique Selling Points

The great thing about investing in IRAs that specialize in physical gold is that the immediate value of the physical gold ira is much easier to arrive at. You will always have an easy reference-the current global price of gold. Csompare this to mutual funds or EFTs that focus on gold mining companies or gold industry-related companies.

Since these investments are stock-related, you have to factor in the companies' specific business prospects. You also need to factor their regulatory environment, how hard stockbrokers are pushing them, and many other factors that have little to do with gold's intrinsic nature. Investing in a physical gold ira is a simpler and more direct way to diversify your overall portfolio with gold.

Why You Need a More Direct Form of Diversification

The key benefit you get from a physical gold IRA package is that your IRA is directly invested in physical gold. It is, therefore, easier to ride a sudden surge in gold or precious metal commodities.

Compare this with the stock market's often belated and qualified appreciation of gold mining stocks and gold industry-related stocks. Why is this speed important?

You need to quickly seize on asset appreciation so you can have the resources you need to scoop up Blue Chip and other traditionally solid equity investments. Using this flexibility, you can put yourself in a position to appreciate your physical gold ira's appreciation to fund asset purchases you can then unload as the market recovers.

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