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Precious Metal Resources

Precious metals have long been seen as a significant investment vehicle. Particularly for those who seek to mitigate risk by possessing an asset that cannot be quickly degraded by inflation. For example, many regard physical gold ownership as a form of insurance against cyclical economic downturns or even economic collapses.

If you consider jewelry to be an investment, gold's demand as an asset far eclipses its industrial usage demand. Compared to other precious metals, the demand for palladium is unusually strong. Silver, for example, has double the industrial demand as the investment demand, the polar opposite of gold. Investment in platinum was ten times greater than the industrial demand. This is most likely because platinum has such a wide range of applications.

Types of Precious Metals For Investors

Precious Metals For Investors


The most well-known and most readily available precious metal is gold. One of a kind in terms of durability (it doesn't corrode), shapability, and heat and electricity conductivity, it is highly sought after in the aerospace industry. Aside from being utilized in dentistry and electronics, it is largely used for jewelry and as currency. It has traditionally served as a store of value. Since it is a safe haven for investors during times of economic or political uncertainty, they seek it out as a form of protection against inflation.

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The second most prevalent precious metal is silver. The electrical, electronic, and photographic sectors all rely on this essential industrial metal. Silver, for example, is essential to solar panels because of its electrical characteristics. Silver is a store of value and is utilized in the production of jewelry, cutlery, coins, and bars.

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In addition to ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium, platinum is one of six platinum-group metals (PGM). It is common for them to be found in the same mineral deposits, and they share similar features.

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Palladium is another PGM that has significant industrial applications. Chemical applications, jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and groundwater remediation are just a few of the places it's found. Palladium is a precious metal, but investors don't value it as highly as they do other precious metals since it is so scarce.

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Precious Metals And Their Demand

Prices of gold and silver rose steadily in 2019 and continued to do so through 2021, although they haven't grown as quickly as indices for five other precious metals, particularly iridium and rhodium. Rhodium's use in car catalytic converters, which must fulfill stringent emission standards mandated by many nations, has been blamed for the recent price increase and supply constraints. As a result, rhodium's price will be roughly 17 times greater than gold's in April 2021. Rhodium's fall in value in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in February 2020 is significant because it shows how precious metals may be affected by broader financial and political forces. Gold, on the other hand, rose modestly. According to this, gold may still be the safer investment to protect against economic turbulence, even if it isn't the most profitable one.

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