World War I's Largest Battle Remembered on Silver & Gold Commems By Monnaie de Paris

Connections between soldiers on the front lines of battle and families supporting them are explored on 2016 commemorative coins from France. The Monnaie de Paris has issued the latest in its multi-year series marking the centennial of the Great War, later called World War I.

The 2016 coins illustrate the link between military and civilian world with the exchange of mail.

According to the Monnaie de Paris, the obverse of the coins show a marraine de guerre or “war godmother” writing to a soldier.

War godmothers were volunteers, generally women, from regions having unrestricted mail service who were able to write letters of encouragement to soldiers.

The Battle of Verdun stretched from Feb. 21 to Dec. 15, 1916, and was one of the most important battles of World War I — and certainly the longest.

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