Silver Price for November 4 2015

Today is November 4th 2015 and today’s silver price movements are as follows. Today the price of silver is $15.07 USD and fell $0.17 USD. The price for the metal changed by -1.13% due to the $0.17 USD shift. The price in kilos was set at $484.58 USD which was an downward move of $5.53 USD. The change in value resulted in a -1.13% difference.

Today's Silver News:

Record Sales and Supply Cuts Setting Silver Price for a Rally

Does the recent unprecedented shortage in silver coins coupled with a decline in mine supply mean silver is about to outshine gold? (Source:

64 Percent of Silver American Eagles are Sold

The United States Mint reported Nov. 2 that the bureau had sold 763,500 American Eagle silver bullion coins from its weekly allocation of 1,187,000 coins. (Source:

Counterfeiting Abuse from Recycling of Gold and Silver Coins

I was recently turned on to a news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Don Williams because he was intrigued by its’ title about the U.S. government going after coin recycle’s. (Source: