Record Sales and Supply Cuts Setting Silver Price for a Rally

Does the recent unprecedented shortage in silver coins coupled with a decline in mine supply mean silver is about to outshine gold?

Capital Economics certainly thinks so, forecasting a silver price of $20/oz by the end of next year. Although the research house is bullish on gold, commodities economist Simona Gambarini believes silver will outperform gold next year, partly as supply constraints – driven by producer cutbacks in response to low commodity prices – will start to weigh on the market.

Record Sales and Supply Cuts Setting Silver Price for a Rally

According to Gambarini, silver mine supply will buck the trend of rising at 3.2% per annum to fall by 1% this year and 3% in 2016 due to capital expenditure cuts at primary and secondary silver mines. She adds that the outlook for silver supply (largely a by-product of industrial metals such as gold, copper and zinc) is closely tied to that of industrial metals and that the commodities rout could lead to a “substantial” decline in silver output.

Data from the Silver Institute shows silver mine production rose 5% to 877.5 million ounces (Moz) last year. However, Gambarini says cost-cutting measures implemented by Glencore and BHP Billiton, the fourth and fifth largest silver producers respectively, stands to reduce global silver production by at least 6.3Moz a year. Basic economics say this is a perfect recipe for higher prices,” writes research analyst Moe Zulfiqar for Lombardi Financial’s Profit Confidential.

Indeed, as the silver spot price plunged to six-and-a-half year lows mid-year, demand for silver coins skyrocketed such that mints in North America and Australia struggled to keep up. In the US, where more than 40% of silver coins and medals are produced, the 20% plus premium of American Eagle silver coins to the spot price of silver, suggests coins are in far greater demand than ‘paper’ silver.

About 50% of demand for physical silver is linked to industrial use. She also expects jewellery demand for silver to remain strong.

This, coupled with renewed positive investor sentiment, sees Capital Economics expecting silver to trade around $16.50/oz by year-end, then rising to $20/oz at the end of next year. However, even if gold settles at around $1,200, a rally in the price of silver to $20 would only require the gold/silver ratio to fall to 60, which would be close to its long-run average,” she says.

But Seamus Donoghue, Chief Executive Officer at Allocated Bullion Solutions is more cautious.