Gold & Silver Coins Stolen in Etterbeek Worth Thousands

8 gold and silver coins valued at about several thousand euros were stolen on July 29th from the house of a collector in Etterbeek.

Among the stolen coins is very rare as only 40 were minted in 1986, and signifies Robert Schuman, among the founding fathers of the European Union, added an EU historian, its owner, on Thursday. The burglary took place shortly before midnight in the casualty's house in Etterbeek. 6 silver coins and 2 gold were stolen. "In particular, a 3-cm diameter gold coin with an inscription saying '1,000 ECU' was stolen.

It signifies the profile as well as the coats of arms of the then 12 member states of Robert Schuman. The back shows the abduction of Europa by Zeus who has taken the kind of a bull, a scene from Greek mythology. The coin is very rare, only 40 being minted in 1986," added the sufferer.

"The silver coins stolen symbolized the founding fathers of the European Union. The precise value of the larceny has not yet been determined but it will probably be in the tens of thousands of euros,"

Local authorities declared on Thursday that the investigation continues to be underway.