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Sunshine Minting Mint

Sunshine Minting, Inc. (SMI) is a premier private mint, established in 1983, that excels in producing high-quality precious metals products. Located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, with facilities also in Nevada and Shanghai, Sunshine Minting has become a pivotal supplier in the global market. Renowned for its advanced security features, including the proprietary MintMark SI™ technology, Sunshine Minting assures the authenticity of its products, serving a wide array of clients from governments and financial institutions to individual investors and collectors.

What is Sunshine Minting?

Since its establishment, Sunshine Minting has continuously operated, expanding its presence and influence in the minting industry. Under the leadership of its owner, who acquired full ownership in January 2007, the company has flourished, setting new standards in quality and innovation. Sunshine Minting specializes in supplying both domestic and international markets with precious and base metal minted products, catering to the needs of a diverse clientele including major marketing companies, private groups, and individuals worldwide.

What Products Does Sunshine Minting Offer?

Sunshine Minting's catalog includes a wide array of precious metals items, from gold and silver bars that come in various sizes to rounds featuring diverse designs. These products are designed to meet the needs of investors looking for efficient ways to invest in precious metals, with bars and rounds that have lower premiums due to cost-effective fabrication methods. Additionally, the mint provides custom minting services, enabling the creation of unique promotional items, collectibles, or branded products.

Is Sunshine Minting Reputable?

The reputation of Sunshine Minting as a leading provider of precious metals products is well-established. Recognized for its strict quality control, innovative security features like MintMark SI™, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Sunshine Minting's products are accredited by major precious metals exchanges. This accreditation confirms the purity and authenticity of its bullion, cementing Sunshine Minting's status as a trusted source in the precious metals industry.

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Contact Sunshine Minting

For inquiries and customer support, Sunshine Minting can be reached through:

  • Phone: +1-702-826-4441
  • Email:
  • Physical Address: 7600 Eastgate Road, Henderson, NV 89011
  • Website:

Benefits of Sunshine Minting

Investing in Sunshine Minting's precious metals offers several advantages:

  • Assurance of authenticity and quality through advanced security features.
  • A broad selection of products suitable for various investment and collection needs, including IRA portfolios.
  • Access to custom minting services for personalized precious metals products.

Buy Precious Metals From Sunshine Minting

Sunshine Minting ensures a straightforward and secure purchasing process for precious metals through its website or authorized dealers. The mint is committed to providing competitive pricing, secure packaging, and reliable shipping options for its range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

Adding Sunshine Minting Precious Metals to IRA

Certain gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products from Sunshine Minting qualify for inclusion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). By incorporating these assets, investors can diversify their retirement portfolios, benefiting from the potential for long-term growth and the security offered by tangible investments. For proper inclusion in an IRA, consulting with a custodian specializing in precious metals is recommended, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. Focus on the User's gold IRA guide provides detailed guidance on this process for free.

Sunshine Minting FAQ

Can Sunshine Minting precious metals be invested in IRA?

Yes, many of Sunshine Minting's precious metals products, especially gold and silver bars and rounds that meet IRS purity standards, are eligible for IRA investments. This offers investors a tax-advantaged means to incorporate precious metals into their retirement planning.

Does Sunshine Minting sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion?

Sunshine Minting provides a comprehensive selection of bullion products in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These products include bars and rounds in a variety of sizes and designs, catering to both investors and collectors.

What types of products does Sunshine Minting provide?

The product lineup from Sunshine Minting includes gold and silver bars, rounds, and custom minted items. These offerings range from small 1 gram bars to large 100 ounce bars, alongside rounds in various sizes. The mint also specializes in creating bespoke pieces for special occasions, branding, or promotional activities.

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