Monarch Precious Metals: Private Precious Metals Mint

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Monarch Precious Metals Mint

Monarch Precious Metals is a premier private mint, recognized for producing and selling high-quality gold and silver bullion products suitable for investors and collectors. Founded in 2008, this mint is located in Medford, Oregon, and is celebrated for its distinctive hand-poured and hand-stamped bullion. Its commitment to craftsmanship sets it apart, offering unique bullion products in a market dominated by mass-produced items.

What is Monarch Precious Metals?

Monarch Precious Metals was established as a response to the heightened demand for precious metals following the 2008 financial crisis. Operating from Medford, Oregon, since 2011, Monarch emphasizes the craftsmanship of small batch production, ensuring each gold and silver product's uniqueness and quality. This approach distinguishes their items with a rustic charm not found in machine-manufactured products.

What Products Does Monarch Precious Metals Offer?

The mint's product range encompasses gold and silver bars, rounds, and coins, with gold bars available from 1 gram to 10 ounces and silver bars from 1 ounce to 100 ounces. Monarch Precious Metals is also known for its silver cubes, hand-poured figurines, and themed bullion pieces, all made with .999 fine gold or silver, catering to a broad spectrum of collectors and investors.

Is Monarch Precious Metals Reputable?

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, Monarch Precious Metals has earned a strong reputation for product quality, secure packaging, and timely delivery. Its transparency in pricing and the authenticity of bullion products are often highlighted in customer reviews, affirming its legitimacy and high standing within the precious metals community.

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Buy Precious Metals From Monarch Precious Metals

Purchasing is made easy through Monarch's website or by phone, offering a secure shopping environment with comprehensive product details. Multiple payment options cater to various preferences, and Monarch commits to discreet, insured shipping for all orders.

Adding Monarch Precious Metals to IRA

Monarch Precious Metals' products are eligible for Precious Metals IRAs, supporting investors in diversifying their retirement savings with gold and silver. The process includes selecting IRA-eligible products and coordinating with an approved custodian for purchase and secure storage, as outlined in Focus on the User's gold IRA guide.

Monarch Precious Metals FAQ

Can Monarch Precious Metals precious metals be invested in IRA?

Yes, Monarch Precious Metals offers gold and silver products that meet IRS purity requirements for Precious Metals IRAs. These IRA-eligible items are clearly marked on their website.

Does Monarch Precious Metals sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion?

Monarch Precious Metals specializes in gold and silver bullion. They focus on providing a wide array of high-quality gold and silver bars, rounds, and unique items, without currently offering platinum or palladium.

What types of products does Monarch Precious Metals provide?

Monarch's selection includes gold and silver bars of various sizes, silver rounds, collectible bullion pieces, and hand-poured novelty items. This range caters to both wealth preservation investors and collectors seeking aesthetically unique pieces.

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