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Highland Mint is a premier private mint specializing in the production of high-quality silver and gold bullion, commemorative coins, and officially licensed sports and entertainment memorabilia. This comprehensive guide provides an honest and accurate overview of Highland Mint, focusing on its offerings, reputation, and the benefits of investing in its products.

What is Highland Mint?

Highland Mint, established in the early 1980s in Melbourne, Florida, has become a renowned name in the precious metals industry. Owned by Michael Kott since 1993, it operates out of a facility surrounded by palm trees, showcasing the mint's commitment to excellence and innovation. The mint specializes in silver and gold bullion products, and its state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow it to produce a wide range of items, from commemorative coins to bullion bars, all characterized by exceptional quality and customer service.

What Products Does Highland Mint Offer?

The product lineup at Highland Mint is diverse, featuring silver rounds, gold bars, and a variety of commemorative coins. Notably, the mint has secured official licenses from major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB, to produce limited edition memorabilia. Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure authenticity, with every item accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Highland Mint's offerings cater to both investors in precious metals and collectors of sports and entertainment memorabilia.

Is Highland Mint Reputable?

With a solid foundation that dates back to the early 1980s, Highland Mint enjoys a reputation for quality and reliability. Its products undergo rigorous quality control processes, ensuring their authenticity and the satisfaction of customers. The mint's collaborations with major sports leagues enhance its standing as a reputable source for collectible items and investment-grade bullion.

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Contact Highland Mint

For those interested in Highland Mint's products or services, the following contact information is provided:

  • Phone number: 1-800-544-6135
  • Physical address: Melbourne, FL
  • Website URL: www.highlandmint.com

Benefits of Highland Mint

Investing in Highland Mint products offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Assurance of authenticity and quality, backed by the mint's established reputation.
  • A broad selection of products catering to diverse interests, from collectibles to investment-grade bullion.
  • The potential for collectibles to appreciate in value, providing both financial returns and personal enjoyment.
  • Support for American craftsmanship and industry, as all products are manufactured in the USA.

Buy Precious Metals From Highland Mint

Purchasing precious metals from Highland Mint is straightforward, with options to buy directly through their website or via authorized dealers. The mint's competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion appeals to a wide range of investors and collectors, and its online platform offers detailed product information, current pricing, and the convenience of online ordering.

Adding Highland Mint Precious Metals to IRA

Highland Mint's precious metals, including specific gold and silver bullion products, are suitable for inclusion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Investors can diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals by adding Highland Mint products through self-directed IRA accounts. For guidance on IRA-eligible products and purchasing assistance, the mint collaborates with recommended IRA custodians. Focus on the User's gold IRA guide is recommended for more detailed information on this process.

Highland Mint FAQ

Can Highland Mint precious metals be invested in IRA?

Yes, certain gold and silver bullion bars and rounds from Highland Mint meet the IRS purity standards (0.995+ for gold and 0.999+ for silver), making them eligible for IRA investments.

Does Highland Mint sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion?

Highland Mint's primary focus is on silver and gold bullion products. The range includes various options, though platinum and palladium are not typically featured in their regular catalog.

What types of products does Highland Mint provide?

Highland Mint offers a diverse array of products, including silver rounds, gold bars, commemorative coins, and licensed sports memorabilia, catering to both collectors and investors with a focus on quality and authenticity.

Top private mints

Best Private Mints

In addition to Highland Mint, several other private mints stand out for their quality, innovation, and reputation in the precious metals industry:

PAMP Suisse: Recognized globally, PAMP Suisse is celebrated for its exquisite designs, security features, and premium quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. It is based in Switzerland and provides a broad spectrum of bullion products as well as services for precious metals IRA storage.

Sunshine Minting: Located in Idaho, USA, Sunshine Minting is renowned for its superior quality silver and gold bullion products. It is a primary supplier to the United States Mint and introduces advanced security features, such as MintMark SI™ technology, to ensure the authenticity of its products.

SilverTowne Mint: Based in Indiana, USA, SilverTowne Mint is a popular source for silver bullion, offering a vast selection of bars and rounds that often feature patriotic and historical themes. Its American-themed precious metals are particularly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

Engelhard: Engelhard has a revered history in the precious metals industry, especially for its silver and gold bullion. Though it no longer operates independently, its products are highly coveted in the secondary market for their quality and collectibility.

Johnson Matthey: With over two centuries of history, Johnson Matthey has been a leader in precious metals refining. Despite scaling back its precious metals division, its silver and gold bullion bars remain valued for their purity and reliability.

Asahi Refining: Taking over some of Johnson Matthey's refining operations, Asahi Refining maintains a commitment to excellence in precious metals refining, offering top-quality gold and silver bullion products to a worldwide market.

Golden State Mint: A family-operated minting facility in Florida, USA, Golden State Mint provides a wide array of silver, gold, and copper bullion products. It is known for its customizable minting services and no minimum order requirements, catering to a broad audience.

Republic Metals Corporation (RMC): Before its closure, RMC was respected for its refining and production of gold and silver bullion. Its products continue to circulate in the secondary market and are prized for their quality and purity.

Elemetal Mint: As a collaboration among industry leaders, Elemetal Mint is recognized for its innovative approach to precious metals refining and production, focusing on eco-friendly processes and transparency in its supply chain.

Monarch Precious Metals: Located in Oregon, USA, Monarch Precious Metals is known for its hand-poured silver bars and rounds with a rustic finish. It offers unique designs and small batch production, appealing to those seeking distinctive precious metals items.

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