Engelhard: Private Precious Metals Mint

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Engelhard Mint

Engelhard, now integrated into BASF, is recognized for its legacy in the private precious metals minting industry, focusing on producing high-quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion investments. Despite Engelhard no longer manufacturing new bullion products, its existing offerings continue to attract collectors and investors through secondary markets and authorized online dealers.

What is Engelhard?

Engelhard, acquired by BASF in 2006 for $5 billion, is a cornerstone of the private precious metals sector, known for its quality bullion products derived from its expertise in chemical manufacturing. This history ensures the purity and authenticity of its precious metals, reinforcing its reputation among investors and collectors. The cessation of Engelhard's silver production in 1987, coupled with its acquisition, underscores its enduring market trust and stability.

What Products Does Engelhard Offer?

Engelhard boasts a diverse product range, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars and coins. Renowned for its silver bars and rounds, Engelhard is synonymous with quality and investment value. The company also offers platinum and palladium bullion, meeting the high-quality and investment-grade purity demands of the precious metals markets.

Is Engelhard Reputable?

Engelhard's reputation for quality, reliability, and authenticity is well-established, backed by its history and BASF acquisition. Its products are benchmarks for quality in the precious metals market, reflecting Engelhard's commitment to transparency and consistent quality.

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Benefits of Engelhard

Investing in Engelhard precious metals offers portfolio diversification, inflation hedging, and potential capital appreciation. Known for high purity and quality, Engelhard products are preferred by investors for reliable investments. Their historical significance and reputation enhance their collectible and investment appeal.

Buy Precious Metals From Engelhard

Engelhard precious metals are available through authorized dealers, offering flexibility in purchasing preferences. Buyers are encouraged to ensure authenticity and quality by purchasing from reputable sources.

Adding Engelhard Precious Metals to IRA

Engelhard precious metals meet IRS purity standards for IRA investments, providing a tax-advantaged way to diversify retirement portfolios. Investors should consult specialized IRA custodians to understand the inclusion requirements and procedures.

Engelhard FAQ

Can Engelhard precious metals be invested in IRA?

Yes, Engelhard products qualify for IRA investments, adhering to IRS purity standards.

Does Engelhard sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion?

Engelhard bullion is available online through precious metal dealers.

What types of products does Engelhard provide?

Engelhard offers a range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins, catering to diverse investment and collector needs.

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