Mexican Mint - Banco de Mexico

Mexican Mint - Banco de Mexico

Created in 1535 on a decree from the Spanish Crown to make the first mint in the Americas, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico continues to be making exquisite gold and silver coinage. One of the world's top silver producers, the Mexican Mint accounts for 20% of global silver production. Mexico has been a valuable supply of precious metals products for over 500 years because of its huge gold and silver reserves. Mexican coins are credited with inspiring the creation of new coin designs by the governments of China, Japan, and the United States.

History of the Mexican Mint

History of the Mexican Mint

Having seized control of the Aztec Empire in 1521, Spain immediately began expanding its colonial holdings in America by establishing the country's first mint in this gold and silver-rich region. There are additional eight-real Spanish dollar coins made by the Mexican Mint, as well as monetary programs for the Chinese Yuan, the Japanese Yen, and the US Dollar. In 1983, the Mexican National Cultural Museum moved to San Luis Potosi from its original location in the 'La Casa de Moneda' industrial building.

The Gold Centenario coin, issued by the Mexican Mint for the first time in 1921, was the first to gain acclaim among coin collectors and speculators. Gold Centenarios weighed 1.2 ounces and had a face value of 50 pesos. The gold was purified to a fineness of.900. Many of the current coins are reproductions made after 1947, although you may still find these on the precious metal markets today.

For a time after its introduction in 1981, the Mexican Libertad coin utilized the same reverse design as the Centenario. Mexico City's Winged Victory statue, together with Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes, appeared on the obverse and reverse of the coin for the first time in 2000. Around the present Coat of Arms are ten different historical seals.

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Bullion Made By the Mexican Mint

Mexican Mint Gold Bullion

  • Gold Libertad Coins
  • Gold Pesos (1959 & Prior)
  • Mexican Mint Gold Commemorative Coins

Mexican Mint Silver Bullion

  • Silver Libertad Coins
  • Silver Commemorative Coins
  • Mexican Silver Vintage Coins
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