Mexican Mint: History, Mints, Bullion Coins and Bars

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Mint of Mexico

The Mexican Mint, officially known as La Casa de Moneda de México, boasts a distinguished history as the oldest mint in the Americas. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish colonial authorities, it played a pivotal role in the development of global currency. The Mint's legacy is tightly intertwined with the Spanish colonial 8 reales coin, often regarded as the first global currency.

Today, the Mexican Mint is renowned for its modern minting techniques and adherence to stringent quality standards. Its product range spans circulating and collector coins, as well as gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Among its most notable bullion products are the Libertad series of silver and gold coins, acclaimed for their unique designs, purity, and historical significance.

History of the Mexican Mint

Established by Spanish Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza under the authority of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, the Mexican Mint was a response to the abundance of silver in the conquered territories. It quickly became a cornerstone in the global silver trade. The Mint's early production included the Spanish colonial 8 reales coin, which played a crucial role in international commerce during the Spanish Empire. After Mexico's independence in 1821, the Mint adapted its coinage to reflect the newly formed Republic of Mexico, introducing the Mexican Peso. This currency later influenced other global currencies, including the Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan.

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Mexican Mint Headquarters

Mexican Mint Coins

The Mexican Mint is renowned for its diverse range of coins, characterized by unique designs and significant cultural representation. Its commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its technological advancements and rigorous quality control. The Mint has contributed significantly to numismatics, introducing new technologies and designs adopted worldwide.

Silver Mexican Libertad Coin

Libertad Silver Coins

Introduced in 1982, the Libertad Silver Coins are celebrated for their 99.9% silver purity and are available in sizes ranging from 1/20 oz to 1 kg. Their design features the Winged Victory statue and the Mexican coat of arms, making them popular among collectors and investors. These coins are prized for their annual design variations and limited mintages.

Gold Mexican Libertad Coin

Libertad Gold Coins

The Libertad Gold Coins, introduced in 1981, are composed of 99.9% pure gold and available from 1/20 oz to 1 oz. They feature the Winged Victory statue and the Mexican coat of arms, symbolizing Mexican history and culture. Their limited annual mintages and design variations make them a sought-after investment.

Mexican Peso Coins

The Mexican Peso, introduced in the 19th century, has evolved in design, composition, and denomination. Current circulating coins include various metals, weights, and designs, like the 10 Peso coin with Miguel Hidalgo and the 1 Peso coin featuring the national coat of arms. The Peso plays a significant role in the international currency market.

Centenario Gold Coin

The Centenario, minted in 1921 to commemorate Mexico's independence, features 37.5 grams of 90% gold. It is valued as both a collector's item and an investment piece. Its popularity influenced the design of later gold bullion coins, including the Libertad series.

Historical Coinage

The Mexican Mint has a rich legacy of producing a diverse range of historical coins. From the Spanish colonial era to the early Republican period, coins like the 8 reales and the first Peso coins stand out. These coins are not only significant in economic terms but also in their artistic representation of Mexican history and heritage. They hold immense value in numismatic studies, offering insights into Mexico's political and economic past.

Commemorative Coins

The Mexican Mint has issued various commemorative coins, celebrating significant events and achievements in Mexican history. Notable series include the Mexican States Collection and coins commemorating the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. These coins, often made of silver or gold, feature unique designs and are prized for their limited mintages and special packaging, appealing to both collectors and investors.

Mexican Mint Bars

In addition to coins, the Mexican Mint produces gold and silver bars. These bars are renowned for their purity, available in various weights, and feature hallmarking practices that assure quality. The minting process of these bars includes sourcing of metals, refining techniques, and stringent quality assurance measures, ensuring their high standard.

Gold and Silver Bars

The Mexican Mint's gold and silver bars, known for their 99.9% purity, are available in weights from 1 gram to 5 kilograms. These bars are designed with the mint's logo, the bar's weight, purity, and a unique serial number, enhancing their authenticity. Their popularity among investors stems from their reputation in the precious metals market, serving as a reliable investment and a hedge against inflation.

Commemorative Bars

The Mint also releases limited edition commemorative bars, celebrating important historical events and cultural icons of Mexico. These bars, typically made of high-purity gold or silver, are notable for their thematic designs and collector's value. Their rarity and artistic merit make them highly sought after in the numismatic and investment communities.

Best Bullion Mints

List of mints from around the world that produce bullion products including coins and bars for investing. Focus on the user also views the best bullion mints in the world in our featured bullion comparison with mints.

In the realm of global bullion mints, the Mexican Mint stands among renowned institutions like the United States Mint, known for the American Eagle series, and the Royal Canadian Mint, famous for its Maple Leaf bullion coins. The Austrian Mint, dating back to 1194, is recognized for its Philharmonic bullion coins, while the Royal British Mint is celebrated for its Sovereign and Britannia gold bullion coins. The Perth Mint in Australia, with its Kangaroo gold bullion coins, and the Central Mint of China, known for the Chinese Panda bullion coins, are also noteworthy. The Paris Mint (Monnaie de Paris) and the Royal Mint of Spain, along with the innovative Singapore Mint, each contribute uniquely to the global bullion market. The Mexican Mint, with its historical significance and contributions, proudly holds its position among these esteemed institutions.

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