Gold RRSP: Diversify Your Portfolio in Canada


The world's wealthiest investors, wherever they may be, will tell you that diversification is key to a long-lasting successful portfolio. If your RRSP is lacking a solid diversification plan, creating a gold RRSP will give you an edge against the volatile markets in Canada.

What is a Gold RRSP?

RRSPs (Also known as Registered Retirement Savings Plan) or self-directed RRSPs can offer value to Canadians by providing tax incentives. These tax incentives encourage Canadian's to build their retirement portfolio. There are limited contributions that you can make to your RRSP which are tax-deductible until the age of 71. An RRSP can be easily opened at most financial institutions in Canada.

When you reach the age of 71, you are required to convert your RRSP into a RRIF (Also known as a Registered Retirement Income Fund). Once this conversion has taken place there are mandatory withdrawals put in place that are taxed like regular income. There are many ways you can include the precious metal gold into your RRSP.

Top 3 Ways to Hold Gold In Your RRSP

  1. Hold onto physical gold
  2. Own stocks in gold mining companies
  3. Own ETFs that are backed by gold

RRSP to Gold

Why Should You Diverse Your RRSP with Gold?

By diversifying your portfolio with gold, you can protect your portfolio from the volatile market that is always changing. With the out of control government spending in Canada, now is a fantastic time to add gold to your RRSP.

Market Security

With inflation, deflation, and the market bouncing around, it can get stressful. When you diversify your portfolio, you reduce the impact of a serious financial crisis as gold tends to do very well when the markets are suffering.

The Demand of Gold

Demand has always had a high demand. It is crucial in industry and overall demand. The demand will only continue to increase and push the value of gold even higher.

Physical Gold in Canada

Get Started in 4 Steps

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  2. Allow Request to Process

  3. Transfer Funds

  4. Place Your Order

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