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  • Years in Business: 61
  • Alternate Name: Asset Marketing Services, LLC
  • Business Contacts:
    • Bob Walter, President
    • Christine Mather, Office Manager

Business Contact Information

  • Address: 1767 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880-5606
  • Phone: (203) 226-4279
  • Hours:
    • Saturday - 10AM–2PM
    • Sunday - Closed
    • Monday - Closed
    • Tuesday - 10AM–4PM
    • Wednesday - 10AM–4PM
    • Thursday - 10AM–4PM
    • Friday - 10AM–4PM
1767 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880-5606

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  • Trustpilot: None
  • Google Reviews: 4.5 stars, 37 reviews
  • BBB: A+
Top Reviews

"Feel fortunate to have found Sam Sloat coins. From the first phone call through the sale of a collection of coins my interactions with Andrew, Christine and Bob was professional, friendly and easy. They have a great knowledge of the business and treat you kindly, fairly and professionally. Highly recommend!"

- H Hawk

5 stars

"I was very pleased with my visit to this shop. I bought in coins to sell and was very comfortable with the whole experience. I worked with Christine and she was very nice and talked me through the process and what they look for. I left feeling comfortable that I chose the right place."

- Barbara Deem

5 stars

"I brought in a sterling silver bar that my stepfather had given me one year ago, looking to sell it.I had done my research online and knew its approximate value, and was pleased when the sales clerk offered me a fair price.The shop is clean, well-organized and, I would imagine, a real treasure trove for collectors.My transaction took just a few minutes, but my daughter and I stayed for another ten minutes to have a nice conversation with the sales clerk, who made us feel right at home.I would recommend Sam Sloat Coins to collectors and to non-collectors, like me, who want a fair price for their valuables."

- Cynthia Baumann

5 stars

Worst Reviews & Complaints

"Sam Sloat buys stolen items and lies about it they make money and the victim loses. I wish I could have pressed charges against Sam Sloat. My ex friend who stole my items went back to Sam Sloat 7 different days you think they would have caught on.I found a Sam Sloat receipt that my ex friend dropped and both me and my husband separately went to Sam Sloat to ask them about the items. They denied ever seeing or purchasing our items. I had pics and appraisals. Police got involved. Detectives went to Sam Sloat obtained videos of the person selling them jewelry and receipts. My ex friend was found guilty on Felony Larceny charges. I never got any items back from Sam Sloat."

- Stacy Lindsey

1 star

"Awful, I was in the store around 1:00 and realized I had coins to sell that cost more, I went home Westport to Southport and retrieved the coins. I returned at 1:58, yes they close at 2:00 so I was cutting it close however there was still customers in the store. So I opened the door and got an earful from the manager. I work as someone who collects bills and have never been treated so poorly. I have no words, just..... just wow."

- Charles Carr

1 star

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