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Overview of is a leading online precious metals dealer, dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience and outstanding customer service. Established in 2012, the company has quickly grown to become a trusted source for buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Offering a diverse selection of bullion, coins, and bars, caters to investors, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

Their user-friendly website features a streamlined interface, enabling customers to browse and purchase items effortlessly. With real-time market pricing, ensures transparency and fair pricing on all its products. The company takes security and privacy seriously, employing cutting-edge technology to protect customer information and transactions. is committed to educating its customers, offering valuable resources, such as a blog, market news, and learning center. These resources empower users to make informed decisions about their precious metals investments. Additionally, the company offers secure storage solutions and IRA-eligible products, further catering to the diverse needs of its clientele. has a reputation for exceptional customer service, with dedicated support agents available via phone or email to address questions and concerns. Their timely order fulfillment and secure shipping practices have earned the company numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.

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  • Years in Business: 8

Business Contact Information

  • Address: 5930 Royal Ln STE E-151, Dallas, TX 75230-3849
  • Phone: (888) 989-7223
5930 Royal Ln STE E-151, Dallas, TX 75230-3849

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Company Ratings

  • Trustpilot: 3.1 stars, 13 reviews
  • Google Reviews: None
  • BBB: A+ 4.66 stars, 77 reviews
Top Reviews

"I have bought from numerous times over the years. Their products are good quality, represent excellent value and come well packaged. Their customer service is first class too. Just recently I returned a broken bracelet and had expected to pay for the repair myself, however they replaced it free of charge - I was blown away. I really, really rate them."

- MoMa

5 stars

"Bought 3 10oz. silver bars over the years from them and was pretty satisfied with the time of delivery, condition of the product and the ease of doing business. To be honest, I haven’t look deeply at their prices compared to other sites. Just surprised at their bad ratings here, so I’m putting in my 2 cents."

- Roy William Tan Sr

5 stars

"I placed a 2-coin trial order and was not disappointed. It arrived within 10 days including check clearing in mint condition in a flip pack.Warning!: UPS In San Diego, CA will not obtain a required signature. UPS dispatch told me on 6/12/21 their drivers are told not to interact with customers.Even when you make visually contact with a driver, he/she will typically self-enter that the delivery was verified. Bull. This is not acceptable. A person under 18 could be watching TV and the driver will state that he heard someone home. How is this proof of delivery. Only a signature is proof positive a delivery was made. Porch piracy is widespread. A package left unattended is a hot target for thieves. UPS has no tangible proof of delivery which should raise a red flag to all parties to a transaction.3 recent deliveries for $1000s and not one signature. I placed a large sign on my door stating: Occupant home, please knock or ring door bell. What's more, the label at bottom states: Signature Required. The UPS drivers were unmoved.Shippers are paying for signature verification and getting nothing for their money (between $5 and $7 2021). If businesses and consumers would insist UPS do their job, this situation will improve.Possibly safer to go with the Postal Service. At least the same delivery person appears regularly so one knows who they're dealing with. If the carrier is remiss obtaining a signature, just speak to them about it. I've had great success reasoning with mine."

- Joseph Bell

5 stars

Worst Reviews & Complaints

"Two orders for silver bars (100 oz) shipped by ups. First UPS order simply dumped on my doorstep, no signature asked for. $3000 silver bar on my doorstep no signature. Second order shipped by UPS. I wasn't home, so UPS held onto it. Because of policy I can't simply have it held at the customer center for pickup. NOOOOOOO!!!! I called and asked them... They refused! Hey guys, I WORK FOR A LIVING and long hours at that. Should I have one of my 3 cats sign for it?! When I'm not home for the next two delivery attempts it gets shipped back to One would hope they'd come up with a better method of getting merchandise to customers."

- Aaron

1 star

"I would not do business with them. After sending a check first class (with tracking) a day after I placed the order they did not honor my order since it did not arrive in time with the holiday mail. Had the price of silver gone down during this time I am sure they would have accepted my check. I will not do business with them in the future."


1 star

"On 3/16 I placed an order with For 4 weeks I did not heard from their team. I contacted their customer service a couple of times inquiring information about my order. The company responded that they have part of my order and are not sure when they'll receive additional quantity of that same product and be able to ship. Also, it was mentioned that once the product is available, orders would be fulfilled in order of receiving (I am hopping that I'm on top of their list, as they have partially my order). At this point, I am very disappointed and wondering will my order be fulfilled at all and when. Also, why the company is not responding with information to customers with open orders for more than 5 weeks, and is being very vague about information related to deliveries."

- Martin Petrov

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