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Modern Coin Mart (MCM) is a highly reputable and well-established company that specializes in the buying, selling, and trading of modern coins, bullion, and numismatic collectibles. Founded in 2004, MCM has gained a solid reputation in the industry, becoming a trusted destination for both experienced collectors and those just beginning to explore the fascinating world of numismatics. With an extensive product catalog featuring coins from the United States and around the world, MCM ensures that every collector can find something that piques their interest.

MCM is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a vast selection of high-quality items at competitive prices. Their knowledgeable and professional team works diligently to provide clients with an exceptional shopping experience, offering personalized service and expert advice on choosing the perfect coin for your collection or investment.

In addition to their remarkable coin inventory, MCM also offers a variety of services such as grading, authentication, and appraisal to help collectors build and maintain their valuable collections. With a strong online presence, MCM makes it easy for customers to browse and purchase coins, offering secure transactions and prompt shipping.

As a company that values trust, transparency, and integrity, Modern Coin Mart has garnered numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. To learn more about this industry-leading company, we provide Modern Coin Mart's ratings and other relevant information below.

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Business Information

  • Years in Business: 18
  • Alternate Name: Asset Marketing Services, LLC
  • Business Contacts:
    • Kurt R. Rasmussen, Manager
    • Charles B. Lannin, Manager
    • William J. Gale, President/CEO

Business Contact Information

  • Address: 5260 Paylor Ln, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240-2204
  • Phone: 1 941-907-8050
  • Hours:
    • Saturday - Closed
    • Sunday - Closed
    • Monday - 8a.m.–5p.m.
    • Tuesday - 8a.m.–5p.m.
    • Wednesday - 8a.m.–5p.m.
    • Thursday - 8a.m.–5p.m.
    • Friday - 8a.m.–5p.m.
5260 Paylor Ln, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240-2204

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Customer Reviews

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Company Ratings

  • Trustpilot: 2.8 stars, 5 reviews
  • Google Reviews: 4.4 stars, 41 reviews
  • BBB: A- 3 stars, 8 reviews
Top Reviews

"This is my first purchase with MCM and everything went smoothly. I actually received my coin before I expected it. I'll definitely do business with them in the future."

- Thomas Larabee

5 stars

"I have been ordering from MCM for a number of years now and have never had an unpleasant experience. Shipping is free, prices are some of the most competitive around, and customer service is top notch. I will continue to place my trust in John and the rest of the MCM crew for my bullion needs now and in the future."

- duriel48

5 stars

"My go to spot for all my bullion and numismatic items.Since the day I found MCM, it is always the first place I look. Here is a first class dealer with price match and always free shipping.No brainer.Service after the sale is top notch!If you have a problem, they have a problem.MCM will go to any length necessary to make the customer happy.I know this.I have experienced the great work these folks do to make a customer a return customer. I urge anyone to check out MCM and compare.It is an easy choice :)"

- Warren Meade

5 stars

Worst Reviews & Complaints

"Purchased two MS 70 Silver Eagles. One was the 2014 (S) and the other coin was the 2020 (W). The 2020 (W) was fine but the 2014 (S) was caked with haze. Not sure why they would send the coin out like that. I called customer service to ask for a refund. They told me they would send an envelope with an address so I could ship the coin back to them. After a week, I never received it. Called customer service again. The woman I spoke to said according to her records the return envelope was still in transit and said she would send another one. That was 3 weeks ago and I still haven't received the envelope they promised. Won't be ordering from them again."

- Robert Carlson

1 star

"I placed an order on May 20th.It was June 1st and still haven't heard anything, so I called. They said it would ship that evening. It's June 3rd still no e-mail or any response from this company. So I call later in the day, they tell me the order will ship this evening.I told MCM employee that they had told me that a few days ago. Shortly after that like an hour later I received an email asking how do I like my purchase?"

- Lee Roiter

1 star

"Terrible service, can only buy online. Can not buy from store itself, have to buy online and have it shipped to you. And even if you buy online, hopefully no one takes your package when delivered otherwise your S.O.L. they do not insure items that were delivered and signed for, even though it was not you that signed for it. Can not look and hold before you buy. Yiu can only buy it first then you can hold it. Good luck returning anything, I will never buy precious metals before I can hold it and see it first. I see why they do it that way, It's A Scam!! How can you get your money back if you never got the item and it was signed by someone else?!? You luck proving any of that. Never Again!! Let people come in and see exactly what they are buying. If not, that just proves you are Scammers!!"

- Douglas Smith

1 star

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