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  • Years in Business: 26
  • Alternate Name: ITM Trading Inc
  • Business Contacts:
    • Eric Griffin, President/CEO

Business Contact Information

  • Address: 11201 N Tatum Blvd Ste 250, Phoenix, AZ 85028-6044
  • Phone: (602) 404-4010
  • Hours:
    • Saturday - Closed
    • Sunday - Closed
    • Monday - 8AM–5PM
    • Tuesday - 8AM–5PM
    • Wednesday - 8AM–5PM
    • Thursday - 8AM–5PM
    • Friday - 8AM–5PM
11201 N Tatum Blvd Ste 250, Phoenix, AZ 85028-6044

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Company Ratings

  • Trustpilot: None
  • Google Reviews: 4.9 stars, 199 reviews
  • BBB: A+ 4.96 stars, 92 reviews
Top Reviews

"ITM Trading has been wonderful to work with, and I can't say enough about their focus on freely educating the public via their YouTube channel, whether you purchase from them or not. I personally dealt with Keely Caulk, a senior analyst, with ITM. I was ready to make a purchase in our first meeting, but she wanted to take the time to understand what my goals and current economic situation before recommending a purchase. She also made sure I understood the purchasing process, as well as, providing additional education and information about metals in general I thoroughly recommend ITM Trading and Keely for their expertise and the trust that I have gained in them as a result of my purchase. This will become a long-term investing relationship and not just a one-time purchase."

- James Miller

5 stars

"We worked with Nathan and he is clearly well versed in interpersonal communication.He was incredibly patient (we had 5 calls with him before we made our first purchase, a few that were over an hour long), easy going and we never felt pressured to buy from ITM.Their prices are higher than others that we found although on the back end (when you sell back to them) it is more profitable.Ultimately we went with ITM because of the superior service with Nathan and the connection that we cultivated with him.And he has a great sense of humor!"

- Mike Lynn

5 stars

"Very satisfied with the guidance that Nathan provided me with. He helped me to build a gold strategy that best meets my family’s needs. He was always very professional yet super fun to talk to whenever we spoke and never pressured me regarding any purchases of any kind.Nathan answered every one of my questions, as well as my husband’s, no matter how basic, which we greatly appreciated. I even recommended him to a friend of mine! My experience with ITM was very positive thanks to Nathan."

- Teresa P

5 stars

Worst Reviews & Complaints

"What a bunch of punks. I have no issue with a follow-up phone call when I put in for your "investment" guide. What I will not tolerate is being treated rudely and disrespectfully when I decline a "personal consultation" prior to receiving any information from you.Plenty of reputable gold sellers out there. ITM isn't one of them."

- Blair Kasfeldt

1 star

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