Bunker Hill Rare Coin Reviews & Complaints: Scam or Reputable?

Bunker Hill Rare Coin
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Bunker Hill Rare Coin is a full-service numismatic company based in Boston, MA. Established in 1988, it specializes in the U.S. rare coin market, catering to a wide range of investors. The company focuses on acquiring undervalued rarities and has established connections with leading wholesalers worldwide. Their expertise lies in offering tailored investment portfolios with a potential for significant appreciation. They provide superior quality merchandise and support in selling or trading coins. Bunker Hill Rare Coin's average rating on Focus on the User is 3/5.

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Shirley G.
5 stars

"When I contacted AGE to inquire about precious metals, Tom answered the phone and was very patient with a newbie investor. He has been our go to advisor every since..."

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Wesley L.
1 star

"This spot is not interested in small buyers and sellers, I don't recommend this business. I called at 8:56 am on 2-2-2022 and Tom directed me to sell at capital coin and Bullion..."

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What is Bunker Hill Rare Coin?

Founded in 1988, Bunker Hill Rare Coin operates as a full-service numismatic company. It specializes in rare U.S. coins, spanning from colonial, early American, to Civil War era coins, and also deals in paper currency. Their numismatic experts are dedicated to identifying and acquiring undervalued coin rarities, leveraging relationships with global wholesalers. The company's focus is on creating comprehensive investment portfolios with a high potential for value growth, catering to a diverse investor base. They emphasize educating and advising clients on numismatic investments, tailoring portfolios to individual investment goals.

Bunker Hill Rare Coin Ratings

Bunker Hill Rare Coin Reputation

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Focus on the User
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Google Reviews
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Bunker Hill Rare Coin Reviews

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Bunker Hill Rare Coin Complaints

Worst Bunker Hill Rare Coin Complaints

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Is Bunker Hill Rare Coin a Scam?

Bunker Hill Rare Coin is not a scam. Established in 1988, the company has built a reputation in the rare coin market, with a focus on U.S. rare coins and paper currency. Their experience and tailored investment services lend credibility to their operations. The 3/5 rating on Focus on the User further supports their legitimacy in the numismatic industry.

Bunker Hill Rare Coin Pros and Cons


  • Expertise in Rare Coins: Strong focus on rare U.S. coins with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Tailored Investment Portfolios: Offers customized investment solutions based on individual client goals.


  • Limited Product Range: Mainly focuses on U.S. rare coins, potentially limiting options for diversification.
  • Average User Rating: Rated 3/5 on Focus on the User, indicating mixed customer satisfaction.

Bunker Hill Rare Coin Services and Products

Bunker Hill Rare Coin offers a range of services and products centered around rare U.S. coins. Their offerings include:

  • Rare U.S. Coins: Specializing in colonial, early American, and Civil War era coins.
  • Paper Currency: Dealing in historical U.S. paper money.
  • Investment Portfolios: Creating tailored investment solutions in rare coins.
  • Sale and Trade Support: Assistance with selling or trading coins for clients.

Bunker Hill Rare Coin FAQ

Is Bunker Hill Rare Coin a reputable company?

Yes, with over 30 years in the numismatic field and specialized expertise in U.S. rare coins.

How long has Bunker Hill Rare Coin been in business?

Since 1988.

How does Bunker Hill Rare Coin work?

They offer rare U.S. coins and paper currency, and provide tailored investment portfolios and numismatic advice.

Before Investing With Bunker Hill Rare Coin

Consider obtaining to make informed investments in precious metals and related fields. This guide can be beneficial for potential investors exploring options with Bunker Hill Rare Coin.

Bunker Hill Rare Coin Homepage

Contact Bunker Hill Rare Coin

  • Address: 85 Devonshire St Ste 200, Boston, MA 02109-3536
  • Phone: (800) 213-6238
  • Founded: 1988
  • Alternative Name: Bunker Hill Sales Associates, Inc.
  • Business Contacts:
    • Richard Beaty, Vice President
  • Category: Numismatic Company
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Bunker Hill Rare Coin Address

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