BitIRA Reviews & Complaints: Scam or Reputable?

Google: 4.5/5
BBB: 4.95/5 A+
Trustpilot: N/a

BitIRA, a cryptocurrency IRA company, is based in Burbank, California. It specializes in Digital Currency IRAs, enabling the purchase of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for placement in an IRA. A notable pro of BitIRA is its status as the first Bitcoin IRA company registered as a money services business with the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). However, a con is its higher administrative fees compared to some competitors. BitIRA has an average rating of 4.7/5 by Focus on the User.

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Top Review

Rob B
5 stars

"A truly wonderful secure company with great public relations. I had an interest in their services and was able to get in contact with Jeremy W. who was able to answer..."

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Top Complaint

1 star

"I opened this account 2 months ago with the anticipation of great returns and the expectation of quality service.Bitira charges hefty fees for account setup, purchases and..."

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What is BitIRA?

Founded in 2017, BitIRA emerged to provide average investors with a simplified process for opening IRS-compliant Digital IRAs. This service allows for the tax-deferred growth of cryptocurrencies held within these IRAs. BitIRA sets itself apart by offering a full-service support system, including insured cold storage for digital assets, aligning with world-class security standards. This approach has positioned BitIRA as a leading specialist in the United States for setting up and managing digital IRA accounts.

BitIRA's unique offering includes facilitating the rollover of existing IRAs or eligible 401(k)s into digital IRAs. This enables investors to diversify their retirement savings using various cryptocurrencies. The company's commitment to compliance and security is underscored by its registration as a money services business and its adherence to IRS guidelines. BitIRA’s growth since its inception reflects its rising prominence in the cryptocurrency IRA sector.

BitIRA Ratings

BitIRA Reputation

Focus on the User Review
Focus on the User
4.7/5 stars
49 reviews (Aggregated)
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
4.5/5 stars
29 reviews
BBB Reviews
4.95/5 stars A+
20 reviews
Trustpilot Reviews
N/a stars
N/a reviews

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BitIRA Reviews

Top BitIRA Reviews

5 starsFeatured

"A truly wonderful secure company with great public relations. I had an interest in their services and was able to get in contact with Jeremy W. who was able to answer all my questions in regards to fees, processes and how to. Once I felt comfortable to initiate the start of the process I was directed to Tina who helped in contacting my old IRA to begin the process was easy and smooth. But of course it took about a week to transfer funds and that was not good since the market went down, really wanted to speed up that process but that wasn't their fault. Once the funds were received I was able to set up my purchases that day which were great. Overall, it was a great experience, awesome service and no issues! Definitely would recommend their services."

Rob B
5 stars
5 starsFeatured

"I started rolling over my investments to BitIRA in 2020. I did an extensive research and comparison with these companies and chose BitIRA. The process was easy, Jeremy is very helpful in explaining the process to me. It took only 2 phone calls, my inquiry and the final transfer process. Henry is always there to answer and take care of some minor technical issues if I need him. Their response is quick. Based on my experience, I trust and highly recommend BitIRA. I know my investments are safe and well covered by the products that they have available for their clients. Thank you BitIRA!"

BBB Review
Lady H
5 stars
5 starsFeatured

"I have using BitIRA for 4 years now. Very satisfy with their professional service. Extremely knowledgeable with their products offering. They took care of everything without ease. I highly recommend you take a look at BitIRA if you want to invest in Digital IRA assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin alike. Hope this helps."

BBB Review
Keat L
5 stars
5 starsFeatured

"My experience with BitIRA was exceptional. I had the pleasure of speaking and working with Jeremy. He was MORE than pleasant...very professional and extremely helpful. He explained to me all that I needed to know,every step of the way. So nice to know that there are people in the world who still focus on customer service and deliver it with such ease and patience. Bravo."

Susan M
5 stars
BitIRA Complaints

Worst BitIRA Complaints

1 starFeatured

"I opened this account 2 months ago with the anticipation of great returns and the expectation of quality service.Bitira charges hefty fees for account setup, purchases and monthly fees.So I have every right to expect bang for my buck.That's not the case people.Right now I'm suffering monthly headaches with bitira. They fail to follow my wish how I want my monthly fee paid.I try to email them, no response. I call them and it's a 2 hour wait to get someone.Then the agent I talk to says they're sorry,promises to have fixed the problem and I look at my account daily and nothing is corrected.These people don't even have an app for their customers to monitor your account balances. You have to click a link on your email and the balance you see is updated once a day.It's the stupidest concept.The topper is I get called asking how I felt about their service a week after my account opened and if I provide a good review,I'll be mailed a silver coin.Well, that too never came,hence,me writing an updated review of the reality of my poor decision to think I picked a winner going with Bitira for my retirement."

1 star
1 starFeatured

"Fees are way too high, Not very truthful. Trying to get help on the phone takes too long. I’m glad I went with another company.I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Just to follow up, apparently management assumed it was one person that made me give this review. That is not the case. Jeremy was very professional and answered all my questions. I don’t think I need to explain my reasoning on why I gave the review."

Don H
1 star
1 starFeatured

"Very poor experience.They are too "busy" to provide immediate service, and offer to call back.On my first call back last year, agent Jeremy was dismissive of my complaint of a long delay in calling back, and had "attitude" which I did not appreciate.I am now again waiting for a callback on a contact I made last Friday early callback at any time last Friday, and so I placed another call today (Monday), now have been waiting for 2 hours for their callback.Meanwhile, the crypto that I want to buy continues to go up in price while I wait for them. They promised a self trading platform to be available last October to avoid the need for callbacks, but it is still not available.I wish I did not get involved with these guys...their customer service is the worst."

Paul B
1 star

Is BitIRA a Scam?

BitIRA is not a scam. It is a legitimate financial platform, evidenced by its compliance with IRS guidelines and registration as a money services business with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. These credentials, along with a high rating from Focus on the User, affirm BitIRA’s credibility in the cryptocurrency IRA space.

BitIRA Pros and Cons


  • Registered as a Money Services Business: Ensures compliance with U.S. Department of the Treasury regulations.
  • Insured Cold Storage: Provides high-level security for digital assets.


  • Higher Administrative Fees: Can be more expensive than some competitors.
  • Minimum Investment Requirement: Requires a minimum investment of $5,000.

BitIRA Services and Products

BitIRA specializes in providing IRS-compliant Digital IRAs that support a range of cryptocurrencies. This includes popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. The company offers services for rolling over existing retirement accounts into digital IRAs and managing these accounts with a focus on security and compliance.

  • Digital IRA Setup: Facilitating the creation of cryptocurrency-based retirement accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency Options: Offering a variety of cryptocurrencies for investment.
  • Rollover Services: Assisting in transferring existing IRA or 401(k) to a digital IRA.


Is BitIRA a reputable company?

Yes, BitIRA is reputable, underscored by its registration as a money services business and compliance with IRS regulations.

How long has BitIRA been in business?

BitIRA was founded in 2017.

How does BitIRA work?

BitIRA works by facilitating the setup and management of cryptocurrency holdings in self-directed IRAs, offering tax-deferred growth on these investments.

Before Investing With BitIRA

Potential investors are advised to consider obtaining . This resource can assist in making informed decisions about investments in precious metals, complementing the services offered by BitIRA.

BitIRA Homepage

Contact BitIRA

  • Phone: 800-299-1567
  • Email:
  • Address: Central Park Building, 3500 W. Olive Ave. Suite 300, Burbank, CA 91505
  • Founded: 2017
  • Alternate Name:
  • Category: Cryptocurrency IRA Company
BitIRA Address

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