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  • Years in Business: 27
  • Business Contacts:
    • Warren Zivi, President and Founder
    • Sharon B. Zivi, Member

Business Contact Information

  • Address: Boulder, CO 80301-4008
  • Phone: (800) 622-5680
  • Hours:
    • Saturday - 9AM–2PM
    • Sunday - Closed
    • Monday - 9AM–5PM
    • Tuesday - 9AM–5PM
    • Wednesday - 9AM–5PM
    • Thursday - 9AM–5PM
    • Friday - 9AM–3PM
Boulder, CO 80301-4008

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Company Ratings

  • Trustpilot: No Reviews
  • Google Reviews: 4.8 stars, 46 reviews
  • BBB: A+ 4.99 stars, 16 reviews
Top Reviews

"My experience with AR was smooth, professional but most of all friendly. The buyer, David, was helpful, knowledgable and patient. Payment was really fast and easy.The whole experience was SMOOTH!Will definitely do business with American Rarities again."

- M Mc

5 stars

"A friend had the coin collection of her husband.He had passed away 27 years ago and she wanted to cash the collection in.We contacted American Rarities and the business was quickly transacted.My husband is a collector and he knew enough to tell that we were getting a fair price for them.It was a great experience and I happily recommend the company.It was a win-win scenario and all are happy with the outcome."

- Jacque Mahan

5 stars

"Fantastic staff and authentic professional services. Whether you've come into a collection from a relative/heirlooms or are a competitive buyer and seller, American Rarities delivers the best pricing and service in the industry.Very happy with my appraisal/sale, netted additional once reviewed by the appraiser!"

- John McKibben

5 stars

Worst Reviews & Complaints

"Found this place on Google, it said they were open from 9am to 9pm I thought I would check it out, I drove 45 minutes to come out and can't find it. So I call for 30 minutes with no answer, finally I leave a semi rude voicemail, and they answered on my next call, only to tell me they don't "work like that" and I have to make an appointment to see their store.... maybe change the '9am to 9pm' hours to 'appointment only' and save some people the trouble, or just pick up the damn phone!"

- Kenzy Long

1 star

"American Rarities had started out with much promise for receiving an appraisal for currency and a possible sell. Since I had 20 pictures there was difficulty in sending the pictures off because American Rarities website accommodates only 5 pictures. Of course I could have provided a list but I thought the pictures would best demonstrate what had to offer. On the website it does say if you have additional pictures or money list please send an email but with 20 total pictures the data was too much to send all 20 pictures. Not sure if they had a Drop Box account so a picture link was created, sent and confirmed receipt. However after repeated calls a week had gone by when finally a quote came back for the original 5 pieces and not the 20 pieces. When asked about the 20 pieces I was told they didn't receive 20 pieces. Later they did confirm the picture link but with so much time passing the link was no longer valid.Needless to say a very difficult experience. Good luck to all who wish to use American Rarities."

- Bob Fritzky

1 star

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