1956 D Wheat Penny Statistics

Type of Coin:Wheat Penny
Mint Year:1956
Mint Mark:D
Face Value:1 cent (0.01 US dollars)
Total Created:1,098,201,000
Silver Content:0% silver content
Weight0.080 troy oz.
Diameter0.75 inches / 19.05 mm

About the 1956 D Wheat Penny

This Wheat Penny was made in 1956. The 1956 D Wheat Penny has a mink mark of D and a total amount of 1,098,201,000 were produced in the year 1956. The composition of this rare coin is 0% silver content and contains 0 troy oz. silver.

The coins front was designed by Victor David Brenner in 1909 and features a design of President Lincoln. The back of this 1956 coin features a design of the Wheat with "One Cent" text and was created by Victor David Brenner in the year 1909.

1956 D Wheat Penny Facts

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  • The Lincoln Wheat Cent was first minted in 1909 and stopped production in 1958.
  • The Wheat Penny was designed by Victor David Brenner in the year 1909.
  • A total of 1,098,201,000 Wheat Penny coins were minted in 1956.
  • The edge of the 1956 D Wheat Penny is a Plain edge.
  • The list of mint marks for the 1956 D Wheat Penny are D, and S. Philadelphia Mint specimens lack mint mark..
  • The front face of this 1956 American coin features President Lincoln.
  • The front face of this 1958 American coin features President Lincoln.
  • There were a total of 143 variations made of the 1956 D Wheat Penny.
  • A total of 46 variations were made at the Denver Mint and 41 made at the San Francisco Mint for this 1956 coin. Philadelphia minted coins bear no mintmark.

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