Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

The gorgeous Philharmonic silver coin hails from Vienna's famed Austrian Mint. The Austrian Philharmonic series, the nation's official bullion coins, is available in three different precious metals and features unique changes in the silver bullion issue each year.

Vienna's Austrian Mint produces the coin with a purity of .999. The coins are guaranteed to be authentic by this venerable historical mint. The fact that it is so widely collected in Europe, North America, and Japan makes it easier to buy and sell when the time comes.

History of the Silver Vienna Philharmonic

Pure .999 fine silver is used in these one-ounce Vienna Philharmonics, which were first released in 2008. The diameter of each coin is 1.457" (or 37 mm), and it contains one troy ounce of pure silver. As their name suggests, these coins are solely struck in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Musical instruments, such as a string bass, violins, bassoons, and harps, as well as the name of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the German word "silver" adorn the coin's obverse side, celebrating Austrian cultural pride. The "Great Organ" in Vienna's Golden Hall is depicted on the opposite side. On the reverse side are the country of issuance, the silver weight in ounces, and the legal tender value of 1.5 euros.

Vienna's Austrian Mint is one of the oldest continuously-operating minting facilities on the planet and produces Austrian Philharmonic Coins, which have been minted for over 800 years. The Austrian Mint issued Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin "Big Phil" in October 2004 under the guidance of Dietmar Spranz, Master of the Mint. The Mint made only 15 of these massive pieces, each weighing in at a whopping 68 pounds of pure gold. The gold coin has a face value of 100,000 euros and is graded at 99.99% purity.

The Silver Philharmonic: Variations in Instrumentation and Style

Silver Philharmonic: Variations

Many popular silver bullion coins, like the Austrian Silver Philharmonic come in a variety of designs to appeal to coin collectors. Silver Philharmonic bullion coins are often redesigned to attract collectors because they don't have an annual proof issue. The two most common kinds of this are:


The principal design elements on the obverse and reverse sides of the Gilded Silver Philharmonic coin are coated with a thin layer of 24-karat gold. Reverse and obverse include instruments and a pipe organ. It's not enough gold, but adding a second metal to the coins creates visual contrast and builds collector interest.


On the Colorized Silver Philharmonic, you'll see muted tones on the reverse. Natural hardwood tones, such as those found on cellos and violins, are used to replicate the sound of these instruments in real life.

On the European continent, Silver Philharmonic coins are the most highly minted and well-known silver bullion coins. Austrian Silver Philharmonic collectors purchased more than 54 million coins from 2008 to 2012.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic's Packaging

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Mint previously offered the Silver Philharmonics in two bulk choices in addition to individual protective plastic packaging. There are 25 tubes for multiples of 25 coins, and Monster Boxes come with a total of 500 coins stored in 25 tubes. Individual display boxes house Austrian Silver Philharmonic special-issue coins like gilded and colored variations.

Silver Vienna Philharmonic Coins in an Individual Retirement Account

These Silver Vienna Philharmonic coins can be added to your precious metals IRA because the IRS has approved them. You can rollover your IRA into silver with silver Philharmonic coins.

Consider adding Austrian Silver Philharmonics to your coin collection if you are looking to purchase or sell silver coins. The advice provided is especially useful for those who live in places where the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are relatively prevalent, leaving those with Austrian Silver Philharmonics leeway to negotiate and generate a profit from the relative scarcity they enjoy. Consider the best silver coins for investment before you make the purchase. With so many silver bullion mints to choose from, make sure it's the right one.

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