Should You Stack Silver? Adding Silver Bullion to Your Portfolio

Consider Adding Silver Bullion to Your Portfolio: Is it a Good Idea to Stack Silver?

Why Silver?

Silver is one of the precious metals that is considered to provide a hedge against inflation and market risks which is why the demand for silver has increased over the years. Investing in various forms of the asset, including silver bars, coins, and bullions, has become an attractive investment over the years. Financial investors prefer to include silver in their investment portfolios.

What is the Silver Stacking Technique?

Silver stacking is a technique used by financial investors who pile silver bullion, coins, or rounds, and the implementers of this technique are called silver stackers. The reason behind using this technique is that silver has been a popular choice for financial investors around the world for the past many years. Such investors buy large quantities of various forms of silver as it is easy to collect and store and do not pay much attention to the design of silver assets and rather focus on the quantity of silver owned.

Benefits of Stacking silver

Benefits of Stacking silver

Stacking silver, or any of the other precious metals, is a technique commonly used by investors because these metals are a good source of value over time and act as a hedge against market inflation. Precious metals like silver do not depend on the government for their value, making it one of the most popular investment options, especially with the increase in digital wealth and flat currency.

Another benefit of stacking silver is that some forms of silver assets like silver bullion coins can be purchased free of CGT taxes. This makes silver investment an attractive option and increases their demand.

The demand and use of silver in the industries have also increased exponentially, with new uses of silver being discovered every other day. The beneficial properties of silver like conducting heat, light and electricity have made it the most widely used metal on our planet, with most of its use concentrated in the electronics and solar power sectors.

You should understand what silver is best to buy before you make any purchase of the precious metal. These most reputable silver mints can set you in the right direction to buy silver bullion.

Techniques to stack silver

Techniques to stack silver

Silver stackers usually prefer setting aside a specific amount of money every month for the purpose of investing. This technique helps investors lower their risk because silver is regarded as the most volatile physical asset for investment. Investing at equal intervals of time prevents investors from the risk of a price drop.

Silver stackers usually prefer buying silver bullions of all sizes, shapes, and origins. Some commonly observed products in silver stacks include Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagles, US Silver coins (40% and 90%), Bullion Shark Rounds, and Perth Mint and RCM Products.

Bullion dealers also provide a special service for silver stackers in which a special price is quoted for people who lock in a fixed amount to which they promise to buy every month. This offer saves investors from paying premiums periodically, which they can use to buy more silver bullions for their portfolios.

The method of silver stacking can be chosen by the investors, which means that they can buy large or small quantities of silver whenever they have free cash and want to invest their savings. Silver stacking is common compared to Gold stacking because it has a lower cost, allowing investors to build a larger stack of silver, while gold prices have been on a high for the past decades.

How to become a Silver Stacker?


The most important quality of a good silver stacker is consistency. Investors must add different types of silver bullions to his or her personal investment account with the intention of stockpiling. The quantity (single or monster box) of silver bought does not matter as investors can invest with a small or large budget. Since the purchases are mostly made monthly, the pile of assets increases over the year if the investor stays consistent.


The second most important factor when becoming a silver stacker is to invest in a variety of silver bullions that have different designs. This technique is a fusion of collecting coins and investing in precious metals. Due to the same reason, silver stacking is more expensive as compared to silver investing in normal silver rounds and bars due to the design of those special products.

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