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Find the best prices for silver bullion, coins, and bars based on industry bullion dealers. With so many bullion products in the silver precious metal industry, our database of coins & bars will continue to grow over time. Additionally, Focus on the User features regularly updated silver metal analysis articles to help you make the right investment choice.

Why Silver Is Going Up & Can Save You in 2020

The precious metal silver has risen in price to over $19 at one point this year in a short amount of time. Some investors are missing out on these quick silver price increases for silver and other [...]

How to Keep Your Silver Bars Safe

If you are investing in physical gold or physical silver, you will quickly get an understanding of why precious metals make great investments. Of course, you probably already heard that you should invest in gold, silver or platinum to protect your hard-earned money against inflation. This piece of advice is spot-on and will always be [...]

Investing in Junk Silver Coins: Top-to-Bottom Analysis

Did you know that there are millions upon millions of silver coins that are still present in the United States? That's right. Decades after the US government announced that it was no longer making silver coins, many Americans still have silver coins in their possession. Either they have it as family heirlooms, or they just [...]

4 Types of Silver Every Investor Must Have

Before you step foot into your investment, take a peak at the different types of silver bullion on the market. Before you take that step in investing in silver. You should take a moment and consider the different types you can choose from. Each has their own benefits and set backs but knowing [...]