How to Buy Gold Bullion

Make no mistake about it, if you want to protect your hard-earned money from the ravages of inflation, corrupt governments, currency devaluation or stock market crashes, one of the best places you can park your money is gold. That’s right. Gold. That yellowish precious metal that has held value for millenia. We’re talking thousands of years where people, cultures, languages and religions from all over the world have trusted this metal. They place their confidence in this metal. They are confident that this metal will have value. That’s how awesome gold is. You can rest assure should everything else crash and everything else go down the toilet that gold will always have value. This is why it’s really important to diversify your investment portfolio with some gold bullion or other precious metals. It’s crucial. Why? You may be making quite a bit of money in today’s stock market. The stock market is not always gonna go up. The stock market goes through peaks and valleys. What goes up must come down. That’s a fact of life. Moreover, the current Wall Street environment is overheated because of the fact that the US Federal reserve is printing money like there is no tomorrow. It literally is printing money. It’s making money out of thin air. Why? When you look at US dollars, whether they are one dollar units or hundred-dollar units with Benjamin Franklin’s face on it, it doesn’t say it is backed by gold or something of value. All it says is legal tender. In other words, the United States government says that that piece of paper has value because it says so. This takes a leap of faith. This takes a lot of confidence in the power of the US government to tax its citizens so that it can back up its money. Compare this situation where prior to the 1970s when every US note had language that said that you could redeem that note for its value in gold. Which type of money would you trust more? This is precisely the insecure nature of modern currency that makes investing in gold bullion and platinum and silver so compelling. If you are interested in diversifying your portfolio with something of solid value that will withstand the test of time, you need to buy gold. You need to figure out how to buy gold bullion. Here is a discussion on how to buy gold bullion the right way.

Standardized size and form of gold

When you’re buying gold bullion, you have to remember that gold bullion has different sizes and forms. It’s very easy to think of gold bullion as those blocks of gold you see on TV. They look like these four-sided blocks of gold that are stacked high in a government vault somewhere. That’s one form of gold bullion. However, there are different standard sizes and forms of gold bullion. When you’re trying to figure out how to buy gold bullion the right way, make sure you are familiar with these different standardized sizes. Another key consideration is that if you pick the wrong size of gold bullion, it may not fit in your bank security box. It may not fit in your personal vault. One of the key foundational elements of figuring out how to buy gold bullion the right way is to identify the standardized size that you’d like your gold bullion to be in.

Easy to understand pricing

When trying to select from different gold bullion dealers, you need to deal with a straight shooter. You don’t want to deal with a company that is very slick and shady with their pricing policies. The more transparent the pricing is, the better. Sadly, not all companies that deal in gold bullion are transparent. Many of them have a very hard to understand pricing mechanisms. Many use ask and bid systems that may seem transparent and seem easy to understand but actually come with lots of fees or there’s lots of hidden charges. You have to deal with a company that would offer to buy or sell gold bullion based on a world market prices. This is the easiest to understand form of pricing. However, as you go about trying to figure out how to buy gold bars the right way, you can see that not all dealers follow this approach. Look for a seller who is completely transparent regarding pricing.

Buy from credited gold dealers

If you want to figure out how to buy gold bullion the right way, you have to make sure that you are dealing with credited players. These are gold sellers who come with some sort of official approval, either they are part of a gold sellers or gold merchants association, or they have the right government accreditation. At the very least, look for some level of accreditation. While this is not the slam-dunk indicator that you are dealing with a straight shooter, this increases the chance that you are dealing with a trustworthy partner. Otherwise, one of the worst ways to figure out how to buy gold bars in the US  is to go from one dealer to another because these unaccredited gold dealers are burning you either by making you pay higher prices or keeping some fees away from you.

Stores gold in ensured precious metal’s facilities

When you’re figuring out how to buy gold bullion the right way, you need to find a seller that stores the gold bullion in a safe and secure facility. This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised as to how many gold bullion dealers there are at shady communities or shady store front operations. When you look at their operations, make sure that there’s a dedicated vault and that the premises are secure. After all, this is your gold we are talking about. Moreover, ask for insurance paperwork. In the case that your gold bullion is stolen, the insurance should be able to cover. This is a key component when trying to figure out how to buy gold bullion from the right sellers.

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