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Gold bullion coins are a good place to start if you want to acquire gold as an investment. A common choice among gold investors is gold coins. New investors may find that gold bullion coins are a good place to start, while experienced investors may find that they add value to their existing holdings.

When you shop online, you'll never be short of gold bullion coins to choose from, either. In fact, choosing which coins to include in your portfolio may be the most difficult part of the process. Here's a look at some of the most popular gold bullion coins on the market right now.

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American Gold Coins

The United States Mint is the only mint allowed to create American gold coins, and it serves as the country's sovereign mint. Circulating currency and gold bullion coins were first issued by the United States Mint in 1794. Between 1838 and 1933, the United States Mint minted .900 fine Gold pieces. Collectors prize U.S. coins struck before 1933 enormously.

America reinstated gold coinage in 1986 with investment and collection-oriented gold bullion coins. Here are a few examples of gold coins struck in the United States for sale:

American Gold Eagles

Gold Eagles have 22-karat gold purity and are one of the purest gold coins you can purchase. Gold American Eagles are available in a range of weights: one ounce, half an ounce, a quarter of an ounce, and a tenth of an ounce. It is no coincidence that Gold Eagles feature the same pre-1933 gold-relic obverse design as the $20 Liberty Saint-Gaudens. The reverse design, which first appeared on the American Gold Eagles in 1986, is a relatively recent addition. It was conceived by Miles Busiek. Lady Liberty, as depicted in Augustus Saint-Gaudens' 1907 design, appears on the front of all coins, while the reverse features the Busiek family of bald eagles. The Gold American Eagle coin has a worldwide following and is extremely easy to exchange.

American Gold Buffalo

The design of the Gold Buffalo is derived on the Buffalo Nickel of 1913, which served as the inspiration for the coin's name. A Native American tribal member appears on the front, while an American bison appears on the reverse. American Gold Buffalo was the US Mint's first 24-karat gold coin when it was introduced in 2006. The American Gold Buffalo is the United States Mint's first 24-karat gold coin. Gold buyers will appreciate the American Buffalo's .9999 purity, as well as its rapid recognition.

Canadian Gold Coins

The first refinery of the Canadian Mint was finished in 1911. During World War I, it was of great value to the British Empire, producing huge quantities of Gold bars with which the UK settled its debts with foreign governments. Since it is Canada's official sovereign mint, the Royal Canadian Mint creates both popular bullion gold coins and pure gold coins that use .9999 purity.

Canada's Royal Canadian Mint is one of the world's top coin mints for numismatic and bullion coins. The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most creative mints in the world, as seen by its numerous award-winning coins and remarkable firsts.

The following are notable firsts for this mint:

This coin was the first of its kind since it was colored, hologrammed, and had an unusual shape (it was a square).• First plasma-colored coin with a design.• The first coin with a face value of one million dollars was struck.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint creates the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin, one of the world's purest gold regular-issue coins. The 1979 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is the second-oldest gold bullion piece in circulation, behind only the South African Gold Krugerrand coin. From November 1982 onward, the coins have contained.9999 percent pure gold content instead of the original.999 percent. The reverse of the coins features a sugar maple leaf, while the obverse depicts the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II.

These well-known Canadian classics are available in a range of weights, from 1 ounce to 1 gram. The weight and purity of each coin are guaranteed by the Canadian government as lawful Canadian gold money. Maple Leaf coins, which contain up to .99999 pure Gold, are prized for their high Gold content and attractive appearance.

Canadian .99999 Gold Coins

Most gold bullion coins are .9999 fine, but the Royal Canadian Mint has produced a few commemorative coins in .99999 fine gold to show off the country's rich history. These Gold coins are the purest ever made. Gold Maple Leafs, Canadian Mounties, and the Howling Wolf gold coin are just a few of the options available. Featuring new wild species found across Canada, the reverse designs feature radiating lines meant to resemble the sounds made by the creatures themselves while they're calling out.

Australian Gold Coins

There are two Australian mints to choose from when buying gold in Australia: the Western Australian-based Perth Mint and the Canberra-based sovereign Royal Australian Mint. There were two Australian mints before the Royal Australian Mint was established in 1965. Precious metals manufacturing in Australia dates back to the 18th century at the Perth Mint. Before 1970, the Perth Mint was still controlled by the British. It is now held by the Gold Corporation, which is controlled by the Western Australian government. Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint both produce a Gold Kangaroo, Australia's most popular gold coin. Other Australian Perth Mint gold examples include:

Gold Lunar Coins

When The Perth Mint introduced the Gold Lunar Series back in 1996 with the Mouse coins and continued through 2007 with the Pig coins, it became an instant classic. Series 2 was launched in 2008 and will conclude in 2019 due to its popularity. Each new design is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar's Zodiac animal, and the gold coins range in weight from 1/10 oz to 1 oz, 2 oz, and even 10 oz of pure gold, depending on the animal. Australian legal cash as well as commemorative coins, the latter of which are sought after by coin collectors all over the world.

Gold Kangaroo Coins

The Perth Mint began issuing the Gold Nugget series in 1986. The Australian Gold Kangaroo coin series was rebranded by the Perth Mint to fit in with the rest of Australia's monetary offerings. Every coin has a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side. Despite this, multiple reversals have been introduced since the coin was first released. An Australian gold nugget was originally depicted on the coins' reverse. When the original design was scrapped in 1989, a kangaroo became the new feature. The kangaroo image on this bullion coin series is an iconic emblem of Australia's rich biodiversity. The Gold Kangaroo, which was used as legal currency in Australia, is a sought-after collectible and investment among investors all over the world.

Austrian Gold Coins

One of the first significant gold bullion coin projects was issued by the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Mint in Vienna, Austria, has been producing coins for over 800 years and is a world leader in precious metals processing. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic, the country's official gold coin, was introduced in 1989 and represents Austrian arts and culture through the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The first Gold Philharmonic coins were released in 1989, weighing 1 ounce and 1/4 ounce, and the series has since expanded to include 1/10 ounce coins in 1991, 1/2 ounce coins in 1994, and 1/25 ounce coins in 2014.

The Austrian Mint's main job is to create all of Austria's circulating euro coins as a subsidiary of the Austrian Central Bank. Besides manufacturing some of the world's best-selling bullion coins, the mint also mints a wide variety of outstanding collector coins and medals.

Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

Due to the popularity of the Austrian Philharmonic Gold bullion coins, the World Gold Council ranked them as the world's best-selling gold coins three years in a row after their initial release in 1989. From 1989 to 2001, Gold Philharmonic coins had face values in Austrian Schillings, and in 2002, they began issuing coins with face values in Euros (€). The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most well-known orchestras in the world, inspired the creation of the Gold Philharmonic. The Great Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna's Musikverein is seen on the obverse of the Gold Philharmonic coin.

British Gold Coins

British coins have been struck at the Royal Mint in London since 1886. It also produces coins for other countries and a wide range of commemorative objects in addition to the circulating currency for the United Kingdom. The Gold Britannia, issued by the Royal Mint of England, is the most well-known gold coin available for purchase.

British Gold Britannia Coins

The Britannia coins, which were first issued by the Royal Mint in 1987, have had a considerable impact on the global coin market. Gold Britannias have face values in British pounds (£) of £100, £50, £25, and £10 and are available in 1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 ounce weights. .9167 fine Gold coins are accepted as legal currency in the United Kingdom. Cupro-nickel alloys have been used in the Gold Britannia until 1990. Since 1990, the coins have been alloyed with silver, resulting in a lighter yellow tint than previous Britannias. The fineness was raised to.9999 in 2013.

British Gold Queen's Beasts Coins

The Queen's Beast Series of gold coins is another example of British gold currency. With the Lion of England design, the 10-coin series launched on its own in 2016. For the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, there will be two releases, with a single design for the last year, 2021. Jody Clark created the reverse pictures of the several heraldic animals from British history that guarded the doors of Westminster Abbey in 1953 as Queen Elizabeth II entered for her coronation ceremony. Each of these sculptures was designed by Jody Clark. These stunning Gold coins are available in weights ranging from a quarter ounce to five ounces.

Mexican Gold Coins

Many people consider the Mexican Gold Coins to be some of the world's most attractive pieces of cash. The Mexican Gold Libertad coin, backed by the federal government and the country's central bank, was introduced in 1981 and has been issued on an annual basis since 1991. The 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz coin series are available. Many of these coins, which are produced by the Mexican Mint in Mexico City, include 90% fine Gold and 10% copper. Since copper is used in the minting process, Mexican coins are more denser than gold alone would be.

Mexican Gold Libertad Coins

The Mexican Libertad Gold coin, one of the most beautiful gold bullion coins available today, is struck by la Casa de Moneda de Mexico, one of the oldest North American mints. This magnificent gold piece, which is.999 pure, is based on the design of the venerable Centenario 50 Peso Gold Coin. The design of the Gold Libertad's coinage is stunningly beautiful, and it also has historical significance for Mexico. Mexican resistance to Spanish colonial rule is commemorated on the obverse with the image of Winged Victory. In reverse, the coat of arms of Mexico is displayed.

South African Gold Coins

The Gold Krugerrand is known for its distinctive color and picture of a springbok antelope, and is one of the more cheap Gold coins available. It was the South African Mint that initially released the Gold Krugerrand as a private investment currency in 1967.

Gold Krugerrand

If you are looking for a simpler design, this simple design has been around since 1967 and has proven to have lasting power on the investment market, even though some buyers may disagree. The Krugerrand has a gold content of .9167 troy ounces and is alloyed with 8.33% copper to make it more durable. Krugerrands are widely available on open markets around the world, making them an ideal investment for both new and seasoned investors.

Monnaie de Paris Commemorative Gold Coins

The French government's Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) issues coins and makes medals and other knickknacks. It's the oldest French institution, dating back to 864. The Monnaie de Paris issues gold coins to commemorate a wide range of subjects, from notable artists and sites to French historical people, of course.

Somalian Gold Coins

Due to its ever-changing reverse design featuring a new image of the magnificent African Elephant each year, this beautiful Somalia African Elephant Gold coin is famous all over the globe. It is struck by Munich's famed Bavarian State Mint. The face value of this 1 oz .9999 pure Gold coin is 1000 Shillings, however it actually has a significantly higher value because of its purity. New gold purchasers have a fantastic opportunity to get into the gold market with this piece, which is also available in fractional sizes.

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Why Invest In Gold Bullion Coins?

Gold coins are a special type of investment because you're buying into the metal itself, as well as the rarity of the coin itself. When it comes to gold coins, many collectors base their decisions on mintage. The majority of the world's major economies are modern gold coin makers, as opposed to several smaller countries that have been doing so for decades. Additionally, private mints with a reputation for trustworthiness and world recognition also create coins and gold bars.

There are other gold coin sizes available than only the 1 oz increment. With the exception of the Canadian Gold Maple and the Australian Gold Kangaroo, all gold coins have a face value denominated in the nation's fiat currency. They are also minted with gold that is at least .9999 pure.

Purchasing Gold Bullion Coins

A classic reason to invest in gold is to protect money from inflation and the depreciation of the US dollar. Gold has been a store of wealth and worth for thousands of years and continues to be so now. Owning genuine precious metals has long been a strategy for the wealthy, and while you don't have to make precious metals your primary investment, you should consider including them in your retirement IRA plan going forward.

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