How to Find Sellers With the Best Bullion Rates

Whether you are looking to buy gold, silver or platinum bullion, you have to remember that you can not just rely on one dealer. While the spot market prices for gold, silver and platinum are available to all people from all corners of the world, there are premiums involved, at the very least there are some transaction fees. So it is very important for you to find sellers with the best bullion rates. After all, every dollar that you are not spending on a premium is a dollar that you can save to invest, a penny saved is a penny earned. With that said here are some practical tips that can help you find sellers with the best bullion rates.

Focus on one type of bullion

Whether you are looking to buy gold, silver or platinum, make sure that you specialize in one type of bullion. Unlike the stereotypes and cartoon images of gold that you would see on the big screen or on tv, there are many sizes of bullion. Gold bullion comes in a wide range of sizes. Be clear as to which standard size you would like to buy. Be clear as to the specific metal you would like to buy. Do some research regarding assay costs and other fees. As long as you have a clear idea what these additional costs are then you can effectively estimate the best bullion rates. You have to remember that many sellers give you a number but this number is incomplete, often times the number has an asterisk next to it. Why? There are add on fees and other incidental expenses that are not factored into the rates. If you are trying to find sellers with the best bullion rates everything must be factored in, this way you could make a truly informed decision.

Find dependable dealers of bullion

Once you have decided as to the kind of bullion that you want to buy, you have to do some price comparison among different dealers. Not only should you compare prices but you should also compare accreditation, track record and financial stability. This is the best way to ensure that you do business with a dealer of bullion that is trustworthy. There is a big market for precious metals in the world, as a result all sorts of shady operators try to victimize people looking to invest in precious metals. You do not want to find out the hard way, this is why it is important for you to use accreditation, track record and financial stability to find dependable dealers of bullion you can do business with.

Consider extra fees

As mentioned above, there are lots of extra fees that might be hidden from the spot price of bullion. Whether you are looking to buy platinum, silver or gold, it does not really matter, these fees will appear. What matters most is that the fees are transparent. It is very hard for you to make a truly informed decision if you are comparing apples to oranges. In other words you are comparing dealers that are up front and fully transparent with their fees to another dealer that hides some of the fees. These underhanded dealers will try to lure you in with seemingly lower bullion rates. Once they get you to commit they then hit you with additional fees. In fact in many cases you will probably end up saving more money with dealers that seem to at first have higher rates. This is a key step in figuring out how to find sellers with the best bullion rates.

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