Cheapest Places to Buy Gold: Top Country Gold Dealers to Buy

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Best Countries to Buy Gold from: Affordable Gold Dealers.

Amid a state of market losses and financial crisis, what possibilities do you have for ensuring a secure financial future for yourself?

Expanding your assets is a form of savings that can provide extra economical safety.

Investing in precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, and valuable metals can be one of the options holding a variety of benefits in the investment world. For that purpose, you need to know where to get gold at a fair price for your investment portfolio.

Why investing in gold is a good idea?

While the value of paper currencies keeps decreasing, prices of physical gold have continued to maintain their worth over time. By investing in gold, you can diversify your portfolio of assets rather than accumulating monetary savings and avoid an economic crash.

Gold comes from a limited natural reserve, unlike paper currency which the government can print without limitations and restrictions and can easily lose its worth.

So, gold and other valuable metals have proved to be one of the safest investment options throughout history.

Gold coins or gold bars?

Are you considering investing in gold? You have a wide variety available in physical gold. You can make a wide selection while investing in gold coins or bars. What would be a more economical choice? Which one holds more value?

According to the IRA-approved gold standard, only high purity gold with 99.9 % purity at a minimum can be converted into gold coins and bars, which needs to be the actual gold bullion content. A reputable gold investment company can help you with the allowed preicous metals. Discover the top gold bars on the market and their unique features.

If you are planning to invest in physical gold in large quantities, buying bars of gold would be an economical option. However, if your reason for buying gold is purely for trade, gold coins are a smart option. The value of few coins in higher than the value of other coins due to their recognition. Gold bars will cost you cheaper than gold coins due to a lower markup price.

Gold coins with the most recognition

Among the wide range of gold, silver, and platinum coins, some are more valued than others. Below mentioned are some of the cheap IRA-approved gold coins that are universally recognized:

Where to find the cheapest gold

Where to find the cheapest gold

Some counties have cheaper options to purchase gold from than others. Let us discuss a few places where the actual prices of gold are lower, so we can get affordable options.

The prices of gold can vary from time to time and place depending on the economic strength as well as the supply and demand of gold.

The current price of gold, i.e., $1886 per ounce of gold, can be used to compare the rates each country charges to decipher the premium that must be paid for every gold coin. In case you are wondering what premium is, it is none other than the additional cost paid over the Gold spot price for the coinage and transport and storage costs. Some places to purchase gold from at reasonable prices include:

Hong Kong

As of now, Hong Kong might be your best bet to buy the cheapest gold. The best way to get the lowest price for gold is to physically go to the banks in the city. You can find Australian nuggets at a premium of almost 1,936 dollars for an actual gold coin weighing one ounce. And so, the selection of gold and gold products, including quality gold jewelry and a range of gold coins, can be easily done here.


Switzerland is famous for its beauty and is an excellent place to purchase cheap gold at a lower price of around 1,943 dollars for a gold coin weighing an ounce. If you are looking for good options where you can buy cheap gold and safely and securely store it, then Switzerland is your place to be.

United States

It might come off as a surprise, but the USA is amongst the cheapest countries to purchase Gold bullion coins from. It would be best if you looked out for special deals the USA has to offer, sometimes even at lower prices of gold as compared to what Hong Kong can offer. Usually, gold coins can be found for as low as $1,948 in the United States. The cheapest gold jewelry can be bought here.


If you compare the deals for gold rates offered by Austria and USA, they are comparatively similar, with one-ounce gold coin costing as low as $1,948. Newly minted cheapest gold coins can be easily found in Vienna. Safe and secure physical metal storage options are available as well.


As expensive as Singapore can be, it is amongst the cheapest places to buy gold and other precious metals products and an excellent place to store gold assets at a price as low as 1,960 dollars for a gold coin weighing an ounce. Singapore has multiple options for buying gold.


Cheap gold coins in Australia can be bought almost at the same rates as gold coins bought from Singapore at almost 1,962 dollars per gold coin weighing an ounce. It is a good place to get cheap gold jewelry from.


These prices start hiking up compared to other countries from this point. Although it’s a small country, the lowest price of gold coins you can find there starts at $1,972. You can also find good options for storage in Liechtenstein.


You can buy Canadian gold coins at around $1,978, which is expensive compared to the countries discussed above.


The United Kingdom is also considered on the expensive side of the list. The minimum price for gold coins in the United Kingdom starts at around 100 dollars.

Purchasing Gold online

Is purchasing gold online a good idea? It can be. But you need to know the best places online offering a variety of gold at the lowest price and the best online gold dealers to guide you through. You can buy real gold in large amounts from online retailers to get a fair price for your online purchase.

But there are cons to consider when purchasing gold online as well, which include.

Costly shipping charges

If you want to purchase gold online, whether in the form of coins or bars, look for a website offering free shipping because the shipping costs for valuable metals like gold and silver can be very costly. Suppose any website does not offer free shipping or low shipping costs. In that case, it will be wise to consider buying affordable pieces of gold and its products from another online market or even buying it physically. Therefore, make sure to go through the shipping policy beforehand.

The risks of shipping gold

When choosing an online dealer, get a reputable dealer for yourself. Despite that, there is still some risk associated with shipping something as valuable as gold, let alone shipping anything. There’s a possibility of your gold being lost or even stolen. If the website ensures delivery of your gold safely by asking for a fee, you might want to spend that little extra amount.

Go through these websites for authentic online markets for buying gold and silver:



You can make the wise decision today to diversify your portfolio of assets for added financial security for the future. Your best bet is in Silver or Gold investing. Just remember to do your homework and find the best deals.

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