Can a Double Eagle Coin Investment Protect

The great thing about double eagle coins is that they are quite rare. Another great thing about American double eagle gold coins is that they are almost universally recognized as a great investment. When you buy double eagle gold coins, you’re basically buying three things. First and foremost, you’re buying into America. United States of America is one of the most trusted and esteemed financial powerhouses in the world. It backs double eagle gold coins. This means that the US government will guarantee the gold purity of these gold coins. This guarantee goes a long way. It’s no surprise that double eagle coins are worth a lot of money. The second thing that you’re buying into is the financial stability of the United States. While US has trillions of dollars in debt, it is considered as the financial capital of the world. That’s not going to end anytime soon. Finally, when you invest in double eagle gold coins, you are basically investing in a tried and proven investment. People over the decades have invested in these types of coins. They have made money. While this does not necessarily guarantee that you will make money. It is a good indicator of the kind of risk that you are taking. With that said, the key question to ask is can double eagle coin investments protect against recession? The good news is YES. The bad news is it’s all relative. Keep the following in mind.

Gold Investments Are Highly Unlikely to Devalue

The great thing about investing in gold is that when there is a currency devaluation, the price of gold spikes up in your economy. For example: If the US dollar ever tanks in value, the price of gold coins will spike up. If the price of oil spikes up, the price of gold spikes up as well. Gold is always a great protection against inflation. With that said, you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive double eagle gold coins to protect yourself against recession, inflation, currency devaluation and financial crashes. There are other gold investments out there. You can even invest in physical gold. The main reason you should look into double eagle coin investments is that there is an added premium that you get when you invest in this type of coin. In other words, the collector’s value increases with time in addition to the price of gold these coins contain. This is why, if gold investments in general are highly unlikely to devalue, this is a doubly true of double eagle coins.

Limited Supple Equals Higher Demand

Let’s face it, double eagle coins are quite expensive and are definitely prized because there’s so few of them. This is basic economics folks. High demand and low supply mean only one thing: High price.

A Piece of America’s Historic Wealth

Double Eagle coins were minted at a certain stage of America’s development. There’s a lot of nostalgia for this part of American history. There is also a lot of investor interest in this part of history. Put all this together and double eagle coins can appreciate quite well. The issue is not whether it can protect you against recession. The answer is a resounding YES. The question is whether it’s worth buying when there are other gold coins on the market. These other cheaper gold coins might have a higher collector’s trajectory. Let’s put it this way: if you’re going to buy something that is going to appreciate ten dollars tomorrow and you know that it will appreciate ten dollars tomorrow because it has a long track record of appreciating. Your decision should be based on whether you can compare it with another investment opportunity that would appreciate twenty dollars tomorrow. Do you see where this is going? As awesome as double eagle coins may be, you have always looked at their costs and their appreciation trajectory.

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