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Which Country Has the Most Gold? - World's Global Gold Reserves

Here is Focus on the User's list of the largest gold holding countries ranked based on the highest gold allocation [...]

Will Gold Go Up In 2020?

From ancient times, gold has always seemed to be a fruitful investment. However, at some point last year, people began to steer towards precious metals such as [...]

Gold vs. Stock Market: Investment Comparison

It's very easy to get caught up in the hype with stocks. After all, if you draw a long enough timeline, you would see that on average, American stocks at least perform at a rate of 12% or more appreciation per year. If you draw the timeline at 30 years, that is impressive. We're talking [...]

Is It True That Gold Is Not in a Bubble Situation?

A lot of gold investors like to criticize people who play the stock market as people who are playing in a bubble economy. There is a sense of self-satisfaction in the minds of true gold believers that in the end, they will win out. Well, a lot of speculators in the stock market and people [...]

Why Investing in Gold Coins Make Sense during a Market Crash

Nobody likes a party when it ends. But like parties at your dormroom or in you neighborhood's block, the current stock market party, like all parties, will eventually end. It may often seem like the party will continue to go on forever but the reality is that what goes up will come down. This is [...]

Why Gold is a Reliable Investment

If you're thinking in investing in gold, you might be thinking that you're just basically hedging your bets. In many cases, you're probably just thinking that the best real investment is the stock market. It's not surprising why you would think this way. After all, the gold has remained stagnant or even has fallen while [...]

Proof Coins: Why They Are Worth Your Investment

It is very easy to get excited about proof coins, seriously. What is not to like about proof coins after all you are dealing with coins that have precious metals in them. Whenever you have precious metals, you always have some level of protection. Sure, the price of silver and gold might not always keep [...]