Shopping for Gold

Will Gold Go Up In 2019?

From ancient times, gold has always seemed to be a fruitful investment. However, at some point last year, people began to steer towards precious metals such as [...]

Gold vs. Stocks: Which is Best Investment Option?

It's very easy to get caught up in the hype with stocks. After all, if you draw a long enough timeline, you would see that on average, American stocks at least perform at a rate of 12% or more appreciation per year. If you draw the timeline at 30 years, that is impressive. We're talking [...]

Is It True That Gold Is Not in a Bubble Situation?

A lot of gold investors like to criticize people who play the stock market as people who are playing in a bubble economy. There is a sense of self-satisfaction in the minds of true gold believers that in the end, they will win out. Well, a lot of speculators in the stock market and people [...]

Why the US Federal Reserve Policies Should Make You Want to Buy Gold Bullion

The great recession of 2008 really took the world by storm. Global stock markets crashed overnight. Trillions of dollars in asset values wiped off overnight. It was a massive bloodbath. It all started with the crash of Lehman Brothers due to a bad credit default swap bet. Lehman brothers lost everything and have to liquidate [...]

How to Buy Gold Online: A Complete Guide

The Internet is an amazing place. You can buy almost everything on the Internet. Do you plan on making cheese? There are cheese-making supply shops on the Internet. Do you have an arts & crafts hobby? Guess what? There are hundreds of arts & crafts suppliers on the Internet. Even if you are thinking of [...]

Why Gold is a Good Investment in 2016

Gold looks great. Gold looks good on you. Gold is a very powerful color. Gold has historically been one of the most attractive precious metals on the market. But besides cosmetics and social status, gold is a very powerful investment vehicle. The real value of gold goes beyond the things that people can see. If [...]

Stabilize Your Investment Portfolio With Gold

If you are looking to stabilize your investment portfolio, you should not look into investing in “more solid” stocks or “more reliable” bonds – No, we should look at precious metals; we should look at history and understand what the most stable investment option you can take advantage of. I am of course talking about [...]

Why Investing in Gold Coins Make Sense during a Market Crash

Nobody likes a party when it ends. But like parties at your dormroom or in you neighborhood's block, the current stock market party, like all parties, will eventually end. It may often seem like the party will continue to go on forever but the reality is that what goes up will come down. This is [...]

Why Gold is a Reliable Investment

If you're thinking in investing in gold, you might be thinking that you're just basically hedging your bets. In many cases, you're probably just thinking that the best real investment is the stock market. It's not surprising why you would think this way. After all, the gold has remained stagnant or even has fallen while [...]

Proof Coins: Why They Are Worth Your Investment

It is very easy to get excited about proof coins, seriously. What is not to like about proof coins after all you are dealing with coins that have precious metals in them. Whenever you have precious metals, you always have some level of protection. Sure, the price of silver and gold might not always keep [...]

Best Gold Coin to Buy in 2018

This year the most popular coins trending on the markets are listed below. We go into greater detail for each of these coins in this analysis. 1oz American Gold Eagle 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz Australian Kangaroo Most Popular Coins 1. American Eagle A quick summary of the Gold American Eagle: As gold bullion, they consistently [...]

Can a Double Eagle Coin Investment Protect Against a Recession?

The great thing about double eagle coins is that they are quite rare. Another great thing about American double eagle gold coins is that they are almost universally recognized as a great investment. When you buy double eagle gold coins, you’re basically buying three things. First and foremost, you’re buying into America. United States of [...]

Why Investing in Gold Coins can Protect your Money

Nobody likes a party when it ends. But like parties at your dormroom or in you neighborhood’s block, the current stock market party, like all parties, will eventually end. It may often seem like the party will continue to go on forever but the reality is that what goes up will come down. This is [...]

Investing in Precious Metals

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio in case of potential market crashes, market corrections or high inflation periods, you really can’t go wrong with investing in gold or silver. After all, these hard metal assets have been around for ages. There are historical stores of value, everybody in the world over knows the [...]

Gold Bullion Dealers: What to Look For

If you are in the stock market and you want to protect yourself from our inflation, currency devaluation or an impending stock market crash, one of the best things you can do is invest in gold bullion. That’s right. Precious metals have historically been one of the most preferred ways experienced investors diversify their portfolio. [...]

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Make no mistake about it, if you want to protect your hard-earned money from the ravages of inflation, corrupt governments, currency devaluation or stock market crashes, one of the best places you can park your money is gold. That’s right. Gold. That yellowish precious metal that has held value for millenia. We’re talking thousands of [...]

How to Buy Gold Coins Online

Thanks to the Internet, buying all sorts of products and services has become very easy and very convenient. You can buy everything, from pet food to all sorts of digital services to all sorts of data. The internet has become so pervasive that it is now possible to buy gold coins online. Of course, considering [...]

How to Buy Gold Bars the Right Way

If you’re looking for the embodiment of value, you don’t have to look further than gold bars. There’s just something about gold that screams value. This is not a new development. Cultures throughout thousands of years have always looked at gold as a trusted store of value. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the [...]

How to Find Sellers With the Best Bullion Rates

Whether you are looking to buy gold, silver or platinum bullion, you have to remember that you can not just rely on one dealer. While the spot market prices for gold, silver and platinum are available to all people from all corners of the world, there are premiums involved, at the very least there are [...]